Sunday, November 16, 2008

the three dozen apple bag...

There are two reasons why I call this my THREE DOZEN apple bag...

Firstly - it will hold THREE DOZEN medium size apples!

Secondly - it helps you remember the pattern... ONE DOZEN foundation chain... ONE DOZEN rounds of sc... ONE DOZEN chains for each handle... too easy!


I have used a 20mm crochet hook and worked this in coloured jute. For the trim I used a 4mm hook and some kitchen string. I have also worked this bag using rags, with good results... and plan to make one using a bulky cotton. Experiment a little with whatever you have access to.

don't have access to a 20.0mm hook??? click here for the 10.0mm version

The instructions are simple, and I have a bunch of progress shots below.

body of bag... using 20mm hook and bulky yarn
  • chain 12
  • work sc into 2nd chain from hook, and every other chain until end
  • turn work upside down, and work between each sc until you reach the other end (photos below will show you exactly what I mean)
  • continue working in rounds (without joining) until you have completed 12 rounds in total
  • mark where you want you handles to be
  • sc to first marker, make 12 chain, sc from 2nd to 3rd marker, make 12 chain, 2sc, fasten off
trim... using 4mm hook and DK yarn
  • work 2sc into the top of each stitch
  • work 24sc into each handle
work 12 chain

sc row - yes mine looks like a dog's breakfast, so don't worry if yours looks a mess... it is the nature of using such a large hook

Turn your work upside down. Usually you would work into the underside of the chain (which I am pointing to here) BUT NOT IN THIS CASE!!!

To make the base more sturdy, I want you to work BETWEEN each sc... into the hole I am pointing to here

At the end of your first round, it should look something like this

Give your work a bit of a stretch, it will help define the stitches more, and you will be able to see where your hook needs to go next... that's better, isn't it?

Here we are at the half way mark

The spots for the handles are marked

Working the chain for the handle

Handle one complete

Body of bag is done. Yes, it looks small. Mine is about the size of a magazine. Don't worry... it will stretch!

Bit blurry, but I'm working on the trim... 2sc into the top of each stitch

Working the sc into the handles

Oops... I've worked my 24sc, but I'm still not at the end of the handle! No need to panic, just stretch them along the handle to fit

That's better

Not many apples at my place today... but that's ONE DOZEN in there now... so you can see it will easily hold a lot more

I've added a celery and a 1kg bag of carrots... still plenty of room!

Just a close up of the stitches for you

Oh, and I tied a few beads onto some kitchen string to embellish the bag. They're actually a bit annoying, and tend to get in the way a bit... but I couldn't help myself!


Lucky-1 said...

Wow love it:D

Just said to Pat about having a crack at this.....its on my list of on bags.

What does it weigh in grams Purps?? Thinking with plastic bags and buying fruit, to use these instead. Shouldn't add too much to the price of the fruit.

Anonymous said...

Lovely, thank you! Unfortunately, no 20mm hook here. :( *pout* Filing away for future reference!

laughing purple goldfish said...

lucky - just weighed mine, without the beads... 36g :)

aimeewrites - what is your largest hook size? I'm sure we could modify the pattern... or you could always grab an old broom handle and carve one ;)

Bel said...

I just tried it with some jute and 15mmm hook and it works up very well! I had to frog it though cause its a wee bit smaller, so I'll add extra starting chains when I start it again.

Thank you Sharon, this is an awesome pattern!!

Sam said...

20mm hook??

Ok, so with an 8mm hook it will be...a bit small, lol.

I'm going to have a play anyway, and see what I come up with. Not sure I follow the bit when you turn the work upside down, but I'm sure it will make more sense when I do it.

laughing purple goldfish said...

tea - I would just increase everything... eg. if you find you need to start with 18ch... then work 18 rounds... and work 18ch for each handle... haven't tested it out, but that would be my simple plan :)

sam - hmmm.... 8mm hook... just thinking here... I would chain 24 to begin with, then work a chain between each sc (only work into every second stitch of the foundation chain)... keep working a chain between every sc throughout, work your sc into the chain space of the previous row... that's where I would start anyway... if I get time to work one up, I'll let you know

Sam said...

Thanks for the starting point Sharon. I shall have a go and let you know how I get on.

laughing purple goldfish said...

sam - it works well in my head, so hopefully it will translate nicely into real life! fingers crossed

Kanchan Karai said...

20mm hook?! Hmm! Let me see if I get it. Coz I told you, I m not getting the normal hook but okay.. I will search for this. Thank you for sharing the pattern, I was really waiting for this. Great work!!

heklica said...

Thank you very much for both the pattern and the help on how to adapt it to a smaller hook. 'Coz, you know, the 'table leg' will be difficult to get hold of :)))

laughing purple goldfish said...

kanchan - you're welcome

misha - ahhh... the table leg might be difficult to get hold of... but well worth it :)

Treselaine said...

Just whipped one up but my stitches are either too tight or my hook too small. It is very fast and easy and next time I'll just double everything to make it work. Thanks so much, now I have Christmas presents for all my friends!

laughing purple goldfish said...

treselaine - do pop back and let me know how you get on with it :)

Anonymous said...

I love this little's just wonderful. I think I would like to make one with plastic bag "thread". Thanks so much for the pattern and tutorial..

laughing purple goldfish said...

cc - sounds fab! a plastic one... might need to try that myself

"Never Knew" said...

This is a great pattern - thanks so much for sharing it! Just wanted to let you know that I've mentioned it in my latest blog post at
Thanks again - can't wait to try this!

Rose said...

I'm going to make one of these to carry home 2 musical instruments I bought on vacation (making 2 bags count as 1 for the airline). Can you estimate the finished diamter, all stretched out? I know that's a difficult question, but a ballpark would be great. Using apples is a valid form of measurement, too. I'll probably go a little big anyway, just to be on the safe side. Thanks for the great pattern!

Anonymous said...

Hello, I really like your pattern but I don't understand how to make it. 12 chain sts, then 1 sc every other row : 6 sts. Is it correct ? It seems not enough to make a bag.

Anonymous said...

I understood ! Thank you, I like your bags ! I make a small one now to hang on a wall, like in a RV. Emmaluna in Ravelry

laughing purple goldfish said...

Hey Emmaluna - sounds like you have it all figured out now! Fantastic...