Monday, November 30, 2009

unlucky for some...

yarns - 13

Here they are... the thirteen different yarns which I am using for this cushion cover. It felt like more than that when I was working with them!

In answer to your questions, I am using 4mm knitting needles, and have cast on 77 stitches - which measures approximately 30cm, making up the width of the cushion. I'm working in moss stitch (also known as seed stitch, depending on where in the world you are) and changing colours every row. There is no pattern to my colour changes. I just grab whichever ball takes my fancy.

My plan is to knit the cover in one piece, so I will be making a rectangle which is the same width as the cushion, but twice the height. Then I will fold the rectangle in half and tie the ends together along each side. Come on now... you KNEW that I wasn't going to be weaving in all those ends, didn't you! Click here to see my accidental hat, where I used this technique along the top edge.

The final touch will be to add a zip along the open end. Cushion covers at my place MUST be removable! My little goldfish can be absolute grubs at times... so the covers will definitely need regular laundering. I'm thinking that I will re-use the zipper from the current cushion cover, which will be just the right size.


done in

done out


Libby said...

I know it will come out nicely!

Stra said...

Wow, that's a LOT of colour changes !! Looks great though :)

Ghost said...

Wow, great plan in effect. Look out she's creating! Loved the hat too.

Kinderparadies said...

What a wonderful idea.
Happy Knitting