Wednesday, December 9, 2009

christmas swap

Once again, we have had a Christmas Swap over at Crochet Lovers Victoria on Ravelry. The idea being to make a few small decorations to send to one of the other members in the group.

I’ve really enjoyed my time at Crochet Lovers Victoria (CLV). The group was started on Ravelry by Stramenda, so that local crocheters could meet both online AND in real life. It’s always fascinating to see what other crocheters are working on… admire their finished projects… and share books and magazines with one another. The other bonus of meeting regularly with others, is that when you get stuck with a particular pattern… someone can always help to nut it out! Crochet Lovers Victoria is open to everyone, so come on over to Ravelry and check us out.

But for the moment, let’s get back to the Christmas Swap.

I haven’t been able to share everything I’ve been working on lately, because some of them are swap items – and I don’t want to ruin the surprise before they are received in the mail.

But I can show you what came in the mail for me today…

I loved the card… can you read it? Daphne has used all recycled and second-hand materials for this gift AND packaging… everything except the STAMP! How fabulous is that?


And inside, there were five of these beautiful crocheted decorations…

close up

Now I just need to find somewhere splendid to hang them…

on pot

There’s a plastic ring from the neck of a milk bottle inside each of these, isn’t Daphne clever???

and closer


kjsutcliffe - artist said...

They are so-o pretty! I am very impressed.
Can't wait to see your crafting efforts.

Anonymous said...

Very pretty!

Ghost said...

Oh yes, they are very nice

Aussie Maria said...

They are so lovely, your swap-partner is very creative