Friday, September 30, 2016

Twinkle Toes the Unicorn.

Sweet Monkeys it's a long, long time since I've posted in Blog Land...

It's as if I was sucked into a vortex and completely disappeared!

A humongous, draining vortex... which depleted all my creative energy...

There was very little time or energy for crafting - let alone blogging about it!

Bit by bit, I've been setting aside time to craft again...

Because I've been feeling quite lost without it.

It's not only a creative outlet for me... it's a meditative process.

The rhythmic motion of making those stitches gives me a feeling of calm and focus...

And every now and then you manage to create something adorable in the process!


I can't claim credit for the pattern... Alison North is the creative genius behind this one.

Free pattern available here

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Getting Organised..

I used to have a craft room.

My very own craft room.

The space was all mine - and I didn't have to share it with anyone.

All my goodies were in the same room - and I knew where to find things...

MOST of the time.



Along came baby number four - and we needed the space for a nursery.

Bye-bye crafting paradise. Hello Baby!

Since then, I've been in a jumbled mess with my supplies.

But I've found a new way to store them... it's in the middle of our Family Room... which is not ideal - but it's neat, organised and most of all INSPIRING...

Now if only I had another three of these shelving units!

And my own room.


Wednesday, June 4, 2014

I call her Jodie...

Raggedy Rascal of the Sea

It's been a little while since I've made a toy... those flowers and beanies have kept me very busy!

But I've been asked to make some more mermaids for sale at Just Planet Gift Shop and Cafe in Sunbury... so it's time to pull out the safety eyes and stuffing... and start creating some characters.

Raggedy Rascal of the Sea

 I'm working from one of my own patterns: Roweena the Raggedy Rascal of the Sea.

The fully tested pattern is available in PDF format, for AU $4.50 - you can click here for more information, including the link for purchasing.

And if you'd like to see some of the mermaids made by other people using my pattern - click here.

As for this mermaid - I call her Jodie - after my real life, purple-haired friend!

Raggedy Rascal of the Sea

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Forty Flowers...

If you're at all familiar with my work, you will have noticed this about me.


Even if I do use the same pattern twice... the projects never look the same...

The yarn is different... or the embellishing is different... I just don't do matching.

Unless it's a pair of mitts.

And even then - I make each one different if I can possibly get away with it!

Singed Petal Flowers


You'll be shocked by my latest adventure.

Because I have just made FORTY of the same item.

In the SAME colour.

With the SAME embellishments.

And I don't even have photos to prove it - but I did make them - I promise!

I made 40 of these organza roses - each one with an alligator clip on the back... one for each member of my choir...

It nearly drove me insane - but then again, I didn't have far to go, did I?

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Celestial Beads

Beanie Festival 2014

Well... it's the first day of winter here...

And it's living up to expectations - dreary, cold and wet!

Please don't think that I'm complaining though...

It makes for the perfect crafting day - indoors where it's warm and dry - and no guilty feelings about how you should be outside making the most of the sunshine...

Most of us here have spent the last week or two suffering effects of the flu - so I lost my little model for the Alien Encounter hat, and for this one too. Poor little blossom was down for the count, and spent the best part of a week in bed.

Beanie Festival 2014

This beanie was created for the Celestial category at the Alice Springs Beanie Festival.

And if you're thinking that the copper wire and beads looks a little familiar... it's from a project I made a few years ago - you can read the original blog post about it here.


I added a bunch more beads to fill out the centre section of the sun... since it just needed some more bling to give it a lift.

And once again, it was fabulous to recycle an old piece and put it to good use!

Beanie Festival 2014

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Alien Encounter

Beanie Festival 2014

Finally I have finished ALL of my festival hats!!!

Beanie Festival 2014

This one is a competition beanie....

Beanie Festival 2014

You might remember that the theme this year is OUT OF THIS WORLD.

And I think that this piece will suit the ALIEN category nicely!

Beanie Festival 2014

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Birth of an Alien

Beanie Festival 2014

Now that those other hats are out of the way for the moment - I'm working on my ALIEN HAT...

Beanie Festival 2014

It's pretty BRIGHT... especially the fluorescent yellow of the eye... 
there's a couple more of those eyes to come


It's changed a little since the original sketch I had planned... It ALWAYS changes, but you can see the basic elements are all still there...

I was a bit disappointed not to be able to have the eyes up on stems the way I had sketched - but there was just too much weight in them (there's polystyrene balls inside) and they kept keeling over... so I've had to secure them directly to the hat...

Hopefully I'll have a finished photo for you tomorrow!

Beanie Festival 2014


Look closely at the photo above... 

At the bottom left hand side...

That smooth brown looking surface...

That is the TOP OF MY DESK!!!!

So glad I have a photo of it... just to remember what it looks like... because we don't see it very often these days...

Usually it's hidden under a sea of STUFF!