Tuesday, January 17, 2017

The TRIBE is growing...

More INNER BEASTS to share today...

I really do love each and every one of these guys!

So often our creations look even better in real life too,
 so I can only imagine how truly adorable these creatures must actually be.


Are you familiar with the children's book

This INNER BEAST created by Andrea seems like
 it would fit right in with the illustrations in that story...

The eyes are odd, and the horns are mismatched.
It seems that the row of pink stitches directly under the eyes could almost be the mouth,
but in my imagination it is stitched closed. I wonder why?

Andrea has added extra yarn tails to the head...
some are knotted, some plaited,
and there's some curls hidden in there, too!

If you look closely, you'll see that this beast is weighed down by a ball and chain...

Which is a shame, because I want to DANCE with this beast! 
I know it sounds bizarre,
but there’s something about this creature that makes me want to dance… 
I can almost hear the beating of a tribal drum… and I’m starting to tap my feet..

Inspired to make a second creature,
Andrea then brought this THREE HORNED BEAST to life...

I love the way the red eyelash yarn at the bottom of the face
 makes it look as though he has a beard,
and if you look really carefully 
just below the beard and slightly to the right
you'll spy his wooden heart


Sometimes you start out following a pattern... and then get a little distracted.

Like Margaret did when working on her beasties below!

Apparently she didn't read the pattern properly,
her stitch count was incorrect,
she only used a single strand of yarn,
and the arms and legs don't match!!!

Yet still they look INCREDIBLE

 This beast speaks to me of great happiness.

I think it begins with the ruffle around the neck, 
which makes me think of a circus clown...
there's all those bright and cheery colours,
then those sunflower eyes
(we all know that sunflowers are the largest, happiest flowers of all time)

I love that she is suspended for the photograph,
allowing all those yarn ends to dangle freely...
almost like tentacles!

Riding on the success of her first beast,
Margaret created her second one, and called her LILYFUSS

She reminds me of a quaint old duck,
struggling between her head and her heart.
Her heart tells her to be true to herself,
 to embrace each and every one of her quirks,
and refuse to age gracefully...

But her head tells her to be graceful, demure and proper...
to pop on on her pearls and her fancy hat,
and conforms to society's norms. 

(maybe I read too much into that one!)



created by P

Those red horns make her look like a complete devil,
and the eyes are so overstated!
They remind me of the old saying
(used to describe someone's expression of amazement)

P also made a beast for her friend...

this one is called GRISELDA GRIS
(doesn't she have an incredible knack for naming beasts?!?!)

(another wonderful saying, used to describe
 a feeling of blind excitement and hope for the future)
the most precious little knot for a nose,
and a fabulous mop of hair on top of her head!


I know you want to see more of the tribe,
but you'll just have to wait until tomorrow!


You know you want to, and the pattern is FREE


sharecropper said...

Tee hee. You read Lilyfuss absolutely right. Thanks for featuring my wonderful little fiber friends.

laughing purple goldfish said...

That's fantastic sharecropper!!! I just found LILYFUSS so easy to relate to... but wondered whether I was just putting my own interpretation out there! It was a joy to feature your beasts. Thank you again.

karen elliott said...

Do you have a pattern for the green scarf you knitted that you mum started? Ive been looking everywhere but cant find it. It is lovely. Thanks
Kare Elliott