Sunday, January 1, 2017

Inner Beast

Could I possibly design an INNER BEAST DOLL? she asked

One that would represent your voice from within...
the one which which fills you with doubts… 
makes you question your decisions, 
your happiness, and your ability to succeed. 

A nameless, faceless creature – who needs to be tamed! 

A creature you can pinch and poke, and throw across the room.
Scream at, jump on, and bite on the butt if you need to.


A creature with the following characteristics...

(most of which I managed to stick to)
human shaped
no face
crazed eyes
big butt
could sit on a desk
legs that are easy to grab
use crazy yarn and solid held together
worked in crochet

I love how the crazy yarn blurs the edges of his shape, 
even if it made him really difficult to photograph clearly!

The eyes were actually added as an afterthought,
as it was so difficult so see any details in the photos, 
and you just needed something to pinpoint where the face was.

I actually loved the anonymity of him without eyes… 
and may end up removing them again…

This piece was designed to complement the Magic Ball Swap 
held in December 2016 at the International Freeform Forum.

The pattern is available as a PDF download from Ravelry
(currently free)

If you'd like to chat with others working on the same project,
(or just check out the other INNER DEMONS as they are released!)

and if you're new to the idea of Crazy Yarn - check this out


Twigwoman said...

Happy New Year Sharon!!!!!! Hope you and the family are all well!!! I can not believe how much time has passed... Charlotte is so big! She looks like you and Little Lady!!! (who is likely a teenage by now)
Ive been doing a lot of knitting as well as my usual crochet... I hope to make one of you Inner Beast Creatures!!! I have the perfect yarn for it as well!!!!
Sending Love and Lots of Life's best your way!!! Lyn~

CrazyD said...

Happy New Year!! Thank you!!

Jensalittleloopy said...

This is SO fun!

CrochetQueen said...

Just a reminder, Sharon...Cro-Kween Designs group is joining in with IFFF group for the Magic Ball CAL. It is great fun!