Monday, January 16, 2017

Multiplying Beasties

These INNER BEASTS really are breeding...

and some of my friends are responsible for MORE THAN ONE creation:

Jorel has been working with my patterns for a number of years now,
and I always find her take on them refreshing!

She would always come up with something totally outside of the box...
and I love watching her creations emerge.

Sadly, Jorel had lost her CRO-JO
(her crochet mo-jo, of course)
and her creative spark had gone walk-about...

But something about the INNER BEAST has piqued her interest,
and she has surprised even herself, by generating an entire tribe of QUIRKY beasties.

Jorel has been making beasties to give away, to people who need to externalize some bad stuff.

(and, don't forget - I only published this pattern two weeks ago, this woman is on fire!!!)

 Her vision of these beasts is that they become the repository of all that bad,
so you can move forward without burdens holding you back 


It was mentioned in the forums that this little guy almost looks like a baby, 
reaching his arms out - asking to be picked up. 

Now that I have seen those outreached arms, I can't un-see them!

I love his baby arms, the jingle bells around the neck, and those really unusual eyes

Loving the mismatched flowery eyes,
 and blue and purple together always create a visual treat for me

Meanwhile those tails of ribbon yarn give some variety to the texture...

I like to think of this guy as a little jester!

Possibly the out-turned horns, with the dangling pom poms?

He just has a mischievous quality about him, 
and you just know that as soon as your back is turned he'll be up to no good!!!

(he's got those soft fluffy feet for sneaking around with, too)

... and now Jorel is working on an ANGEL BEAST
for a dear work friend who is coming out of a particularly rocky 2016...

Apparently it's not yet finished - but I think it's perfect already! 

Some of the pieces are only pinned in place, and Jorel is contemplating a change of eyes...
but wondering whether the sad look might in fact be perfect for this project.

The recipient is a cat person - so the ANGEL BEAST is sorting a cat necklace,
and may end up with kitty ears instead  of horns...

We'll have to wait and see

Do you see how DIFFERENT these beasts are?

How they all have their very own personalities?

And even though ALL FIVE of these beasts have been created by
 the same person - they are all wonderfully unique???

Isn't it a brilliant display of how creative and clever people can be?


* give it a go - you can't possibly go wrong * 

(any "mistakes" you make will simply become design flaws, I promise!)

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