Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Birth of a Mouse

I need to make a bunch of gifts for Little People at the moment... 
and let's face it - creatures are so much more fun than booties, bonnets or blankets!

Not quite feeling the inspiration to work up a design of my own, 
so I've been trawling Pinterest for ideas.

Rather than quirky designs, I'm feeling drawn to more traditional cutesy patterns.

You can take a peek here if you'd like to see what I've been "pinning"

I've decided to go with the Ballerina Mouse from Heart & Sew.

It's a free pattern - take a look for yourself!

Traveling well so far...


Unknown said...

I love your patterns, especially Miss Adorable mouse. I have little collection of porcelain Christmas mice. My crochet stitches are either too tight or too loose. I've been working forever, on simple crochet bunny. Simple crochet in rounds, loose my start and end, and continuous circle ofr body and rest of bunny. I'm using hook size recommended, and yarn shown. How can I gauge if my stitches are relative to yours or another pattern, when there isn't stitch count given o f size. I.e. Using size 8mm hook, crocheting with Lion Brand Homestyle Quick and Thick yarn. 6 sc,12 sc, ancrease and decrease for 24 rows? What do you think? Your items are simply beautiful! Thank you for any help you might take time to give me.

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