Thursday, March 4, 2010

we have a winner!

Man, there are some creative folk over at Ravelry!

It's been fascinating to watch the entries roll in for our TIN CAN CHALLENGE. The idea was to take a can and recycle/recraft it in some way. You could use any method of crafting that you wanted to.

And we had some amazing entries. Truly amazing.

If you haven't yet seen them for yourself, click here to take a look.

It was REALLY difficult to choose a winner, there were so many that I loved... but one stood out from the pack.


What I loved the most about Carole's creation was that she has used the entire can - not just the container part, but also the lid - including the ring pull. How cool is that???

Anyway, here's the photos of the transformation.





Kyliie said...

When is the next challenge? I can't wait to enter it!!! :)

Carole said...

I love Sharon's group on Ravelry. It is a fountain of creative inspiration. Thank you for a great opportunity to challenge myself Sharon. All the entries were inspirational!

kate said...

When you first put up the challenge I thought about joining in, but me being me, left it and left it and now I wish I had joined it - there looks to have been whole lot of creative fun going on - so, gonna keep a watch out for the next challenge and be inspired!

karen said...

I enjoyed the challenge - it was a lot of fun! Thank you.

Sharon Maher said...

hey carole... it's actually quite spectacular to see just how far your creativity will stretch when you are challenged

Sharon Maher said...

hey kyliie... you weren't kidding, were you????

it was less than 24 hours from me posting about the new challenge - until your entry was in! you go girl!!!

Sharon Maher said...

hey kate... that's often my problem, too... leaving things until the last minute, and then missing the mark - don't know why I do it, but it's a very well established habit for me

you'll have to get straight to work on the video cassette challenge!

Sharon Maher said...

thanks karen... your entry was very creative... you presented your can in a way that I would never have imagined (which shouldn't really surprise me - that's what I love about your work)