Thursday, August 5, 2010

getting pricey!

burnt orange jumper

I started reycling yarn about two and a half years ago... and I can still remember the first garment I unravelled.

A hand-knitted grey cardigan, with patch pockets... 100% wool.

And I can still remember the mess I made of it!

Getting those seams undone was a nightmare. I didn't really have a clear idea of what was seam and what was stitching, so I kept snipping away at things which I should have left alone...

Long story short?

Every ten metres or so, there was a break in the wool... just because I had been a bit too scissor-happy. It really pays to take it nice and slow, and if in doubt... DO NOT CUT!

But as you would imagine, practice does make perfect... and these days I could almost do it with my eyes closed.

So if you're strugging along with your early efforts - don't be disappointed - I was exactly the same. With time and perseverance, you'll master the technique of knowing which thread to snip.

Mind you... something else that has changed in those few short years, is the cost of a jumper. When I first started, I would generally pay $4 for a knitted top. These days, the same type of top in the same op shop???... $8

Now $8 is an amazing price for a WHOLE garment's worth of yarn, but the price has doubled! How cheeky is that???


Kyliie said...

You inspire me to try again. The first time I tried? Not so good.... LOL

Sharon said...

Wow, that is pricey!

At least you're able to find sweaters (jumpers) though--the thrift stores here haven't started putting out winter things yet, so I can't find sweaters anywhere! I do have some recycled yellow and gray on hand, but you can only make so many yellow and gray scarves and hats!

Lyvvie said...

I had toyed with this idea as I'm new to crochet and find the prices of some yarns scary. What do you do when you unravel? Do you wash the yarn? Wrap it around chair legs to straighten out the kinks? Is it like blocking but for a strand? I think I'm going to have to hit the Slavos later and find something and just give it a go. Having grand ideas of a recycled wool granny square throw.