Sunday, March 17, 2013


Recycled Junk Challenge 2013

Is there anybody out there?

Recycled Junk Challenge 2013

I know there's a few of you about - because I've been getting some lovely messages... Thank you!

Recycled Junk Challenge 2013

I've been away a long time, haven't I?

And I don't even have a good excuse for having been gone so long....

My last post was at Christmas - and now it's almost Easter!


Recycled Junk Challenge 2013

Life has just been busy.

Especially life with a toddler!

Just look at these busy little hands:

Recycled Junk Challenge 2013

Little Miss Charlie is helping me to sort through one of my many junk boxes. There's a challenge running over in my Ravelry Group at the moment - called the Junk Drawer Challenge.

The idea is that you select three items of junk, and turn them into SOMETHING!


First you take a photo of the junk drawer.

(You've just been looking at photos of mine)

Then a photo of your three selected pieces.

Recycled Junk Challenge 2013

I've been tossing up between the O rings and the D rings...

But I think the O rings are going to win out.


How's your junk drawer looking?

If you're up for the Challenge - you can come and join us here.


Nicole said...

Hellooo! We're still here :) Perhaps you're just being a seasonal blogger at the moment :p

Your 'junk' draw looks more like treasure, no wonder your little one was so into it :)

Anonymous said...

I've missed you! So happy your back. Happy to hear your absence was because you were super busy. I am 70 yr great grandma and love your blog. I have made dozens of your fabulous mitts and had so much fun doing them. 6 coworkers of my daughters got a pair that they wear in work while on their computers! They love them. Welcome back. I agree with Nicole. Your junk drawer is full of treasures. ;)

Kyliie said...

Yay, I have been missing your blogging. Although I still obviously keep contact with you and all the ladies on Ravelry :)

Jacq C said...

Lovely to see your posts pop up whenever you are able to take the time. What a fab junk drawer - treasures aplenty. :)

wendy said...

Hello from me all over the place lol. Gorgeous busy little hands ☺

Anonymous said...

Glad to see you back, I was missing your fab crochet creatations and worrying that something had happened.
Welcome back.

Michelle B

Twigwoman said...

Missed you but knew you'd have something wonderful and worth waiting for.....

Anonymous said...

So glad you've just been too busy! Was starting to worry.... can't wait to see what's coming up next :)