Thursday, July 11, 2013

What could it be?


Sometimes it's fun to just grab some yarn and a hook - with no real plan in mind - and just see where it all takes you to...

With this one, I had an owl in mind.

I was kind of going for a tweedy, multicoloured look... using three strands of yarn worked together as one, and then swapping and changing colours as each yarn ran out.


Then it got a bit too tall for an owl... and I realised that it actually wanted to be a cat. A tall sitting cat, with a ginormous long tail which spirals around and around the body.

But then it morphed again...

And for a moment I thought it was destined to become a vase!

A wonderful scrappy vase. 
I can just see this with the most delightful Bunch of Daisies sticking out the top, can't you??
Or maybe Daffodils instead?

(Don't worry about the water leaking out - I'd set a glass jar inside the crochet vase)
And then I saw that it was actually meant to be a lion...
Don't worry if you can't see it yet - you will!

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Twigwoman said...

Love YOU and Your creative process!
I can see it ALL!!!