Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Mossy Delights

Beanie Festival 2014

Are you counting with me???

Beanie Festival 2014

This one is Hat #5 for the Alice Springs Beanie Festival.

Beanie Festival 2014

I'm calling it Mossy Delights... because so many of the yarn colours and stitch choices remind me of the many types of moss which embellish nature!

Beanie Festival 2014

And as you can see - my model is in a SILLY mood this time...

Beanie Festival 2014


Twigwoman said...

She so lovely and the hat IS Mossylicious!!!!
I do not wear hats but I would try to if it were mine!!!

Sheila said...

So awesome!

Neen said...

Love this one. Truly a delight - as is your super pretty model :)