Tuesday, March 18, 2008

embroidery threads

over the years, I have worked on many embroidery projects... most of them were purchased in kit form

and those kits always contain way more thread than you could ever use

of course... I have never been able to part with any of it... and my collection has accumulated beyond that which I could use in a lifetime of embroidery


so, instead of throwing it away... it's time for me to find an alternate use for it!

I'm working on an easter theme challenge at the moment... and planning to try crocheting with these threads

the only problem is that they are all very short... each thread would only be around 12 - 18 inches long, which of course will mean lots of joins are required

on the plus side, there are so many different shades of every colour!

I'm thinking I might use some for my 'eye of horus' challenge too... stay tuned

mind you... there will certainly be threads left over, and I'm open to suggestions for other uses... what would you do with them?

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