Sunday, March 17, 2013


Recycled Junk Challenge 2013

Is there anybody out there?

Recycled Junk Challenge 2013

I know there's a few of you about - because I've been getting some lovely messages... Thank you!

Recycled Junk Challenge 2013

I've been away a long time, haven't I?

And I don't even have a good excuse for having been gone so long....

My last post was at Christmas - and now it's almost Easter!


Recycled Junk Challenge 2013

Life has just been busy.

Especially life with a toddler!

Just look at these busy little hands:

Recycled Junk Challenge 2013

Little Miss Charlie is helping me to sort through one of my many junk boxes. There's a challenge running over in my Ravelry Group at the moment - called the Junk Drawer Challenge.

The idea is that you select three items of junk, and turn them into SOMETHING!


First you take a photo of the junk drawer.

(You've just been looking at photos of mine)

Then a photo of your three selected pieces.

Recycled Junk Challenge 2013

I've been tossing up between the O rings and the D rings...

But I think the O rings are going to win out.


How's your junk drawer looking?

If you're up for the Challenge - you can come and join us here.