Saturday, March 19, 2011

what are you making for the baby???

"What are you making for the baby???"

It would have to be one of the most frequently asked questions of me at the moment... it's right up there with "When are you due?" and "How far along are you?" and "Is it a boy or a girl?"

So to answer a few of those others... I am due June 19th... which happens to also be my 12th Wedding Anniversary (and three days before I turn 40)

Which makes me 26 weeks along at the moment, and those weeks really are starting to fly by.

No idea what the gender is. I like surprises, so I'll just be patient and wait until it POPS OUT and then find out! Not sure what it's like in your part of the world, but I almost feel like a bit of a freak here for not yet knowing the gender. So many expectant mothers do choose to know, and it feels quite odd to NOT know.

As for my own maternal instinct... who knows? Most days I'm certain that I'm carrying a girl... but then there's the odd day when I'm just as certain that it is a boy!!!


What am I making for the baby???

Well... remember all those mini skeins?

a table full of mini skeins

I started making them into small knitted squares...


And then joined them together in a basketweave type layout...

Patchwork Baby Blanket 2011

But I didn't like how they sat so unevenly... it kind of gave a wavy appearance, rather than clean straight lines...

So I started over again, this time working in lengths like so...

Patchwork Baby Blanket 2011

And when I find the battery charger for my camera, I'll be able to take a progress photo to show you where I'm up to now!

I'm loving the way it looks, and I think you will too...


Does anyone know where my charger is???

I haven't used it since before I fell pregnant... and it isn't where I expected it to be!


Wednesday, March 16, 2011

craft market at Hanging Rock...


Is anyone out there???

I've been absent from Blogland for such along time now... I'm wondering if there are any readers left out there!

Please stop and leave a comment... that way I know you are still there...

Hanging Rock Market 13/3/11

I feel like my craft mojo has been missing for a long time now, so when I had the opportunity to visit a Craft Market at the weekend... I simply had to say YES!

Hanging Rock Market 13/3/11

It's always inspiring for me to see what fellow crafters are up to... to see, feel and touch their work... and 'ooh' and 'ahh' over the techniques and materials used.

Inevitably, I find myself wanting to learn new skills to add to my repertoire... this time I feel the need to learn welding, so that I can create sculptures from scrap metal!!! But maybe I should work my way through my huge fabric/yarn stash before I start collecting scrap metal too... And I would certainly need some extra storage space...

Hanging Rock Market 13/3/11

Meanwhile, what I actually bought was this adorable dress, made from vintage fabric, for Little Miss Six.

Hanging Rock Market 13/3/11

It came from the wonderfully talented girls at Fine Little Finches - Kim and Anna. Aren't they clever?

I'll admit to being a little biased - as Kim is friend of mine... but I love their work! Check out the precious shoes they have started making...

I fell in love with this vintage fabric immediately. I'm thinking perhaps it reminds me of a pillow case I had as a child, but there is something really familiar and reassuring about it.

But more importantly, since I've had the dress at home, I keep looking at it... thinking it needs SOMETHING MORE... thinking, thinking, thinking... thinking it needs some kind of EMBELLISHMENT... thinking, thinking, thinking... not quite sure what I'd add to it... perhaps a trim around the sleeves and the hem, or an applique of some kind... maybe just a set of matching hairclips or a headband...

Doesn't really matter which way I go with it... the REALLY EXCITING part was that I was CREATIVELY INSPIRED, and that's been a long time coming!!!

Hanging Rock Market 13/3/11