Sunday, October 16, 2016

We call him EINSTEIN...

Still fluffing around with my surprise project

but I was also under a LITTLE pressure to finish Charlie's unicorn for her

Actually, it wasn't a LITTLE pressure...

Charlie is FIVE years old - and understands nothing about moderation or patience!

So there was a huge pressure for me to complete this cuddle toy for her...

Is mine finished yet?

Is it finished yet? 

What about mine?

You said you'd make me one!

Where's mine?

Why isn't it finished?



and here he is...

I got a little carried away with the amount of yarn in the mane,

so we call him Einstein.

Saturday, October 8, 2016

A Basket Full Of Colour

One of the things I really L-O-V-E about acrylic yarns - is the INTENSITY of the colours.

You just don't get colours like these available in wool fibres. 

Maybe there's a reason for it - I have no idea... Do you know why?

( I used to think that it was just a matter of taste... and that if someone wanted to make a quality project from 100% wool, and was therefore prepared to pay wool prices... than they weren't going to want it in a garish colour like this almost fluorescent green!!!!!! )

Luckily for me, this project needed to be worked in acrylics - and I also needed bright colours...
so it's a match made in heaven!

As for the project - well - that's a secret for now... but I'll keep you posted on my progress. 

You're welcome to guess what I'm up to though...

I'm starting with a bunch of vibrant green circles - does that help at all?

Probably not!