Wednesday, June 25, 2008

empty bread bags...

what do you do with yours???

You might remember a few months back I was pondering my sanity. I was collecting plastic bags, mostly bread bags and supermarket bags. Cutting them into strips, spinning two strands together and then plying two of the spun plarns together. So the resulting material had four strands of plastic twisted together. Much stronger than regular plarn. But also much harder on your hands to crochet with.

Plarn. I love that word. So clever. PLARN = PLASTIC YARN

I have to say.... it's a lot of fiddly work... but check out the results

The body of the bag is crocheted using the plarn and a 6.5mm hook.

plarn bag

The red detail is worked with plarn sourced from an old plastic tablecloth.

plarn bag (strap closeup)

The crochet loop trim and strap are worked in reclaimed yarns with a 4mm hook.

plarn bag (trim closeup)

I'm calling it my bag born from bags. I wish I had kept track of how many plastic bags were used for this project, but I have no idea. Maybe one hundred? It certainly felt like that many, or more.


Jossan said...

Oh, what a great idea! I love reading your blog, because you recycle so much, and make it into cool stuff! :D
That bag is great! :D

Rima said...

You do some of the coolest recycling work. I was actually tell someone yesterday about you---good job!

Tante J said...

That bag is just AMAZING and your recycling continues to inspire, and not just in a save the planet way, but with fabulous ideas and projects!