Thursday, May 20, 2010

blocking with knitting needles

needle blocking, closeup

Now this is a technique that I heard mentioned a couple of months back, and finally decided to give it a try for myself.

Blocking with knitting needles.

Obviously it only works for small projects.

I've used 2.75mm needles, which are 35cm long. It would have been even better if my needles were actually straight, but these ones are a weeny bit bent.

They're a perfect size for blocking a 30cm/12 inch suare.

Just weave needles along all four edges. Make sure that your piece is sitting flat, and then give a light water spray all over. Lightly press if desired (although you do need to be VERY careful with some fibres).

Leave the piece to dry or cool down, before removing needles.

needle blocking

How easy is that???

And it saves messing around with all those pins like I usually would.

Have you tried needle blocking yet?


dinah said...

i've never heard of this, but it sounds ingenious. what does the finished product look like?

Caz from Never Knew said...

What a fantastic idea! Must try this sometime - thanks so much for this groovy, groovy tip! :-)

Caz from Never Knew

Wendy said...

Hey Purple, just did this myself and fantastic, but will spray with the water tomorrow as unable tonight, but love the ease and how it looks and I am a novice to blocking anyway.

Melissa said...

wow... I would have never thought of that! It's brilliant!