Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Another Hat Fixed...

I was on such a high after seeing how nicely Yesterday's Hat turned out... that I decided to update another one! Plus, it's the perfect excuse to show off some more photos of Little Miss Charlotte...


The Original Hat was a gift from one of my Crochet Buddies. Julie did a beautiful job when she made it, and Charlotte has had a lot of wear out of it.... but it was getting to be that little bit too short to really stay on properly.

 Hat - Before

It really only needed an extra couple of rounds added to it, and I then finished off with a spike stitch in dark purple. I was happy with the new fit, but the look wasn't really inspiring me. You can see from the photo below that it's nice enough - but just a bit too blandish...

So I figured it needed an embellishment of some kind. I tried stars and hearts and button clusters, but none were quite right... then I ended up back with the basic flower! 

Plus a button.

And some simple embroidery.

Hat - After


Look - We're nearly walking!



Nicole said...

Awwww so cute! Fantastic idea to keep the hat in use, it's got a new lease of life and looks like a totally new hat! Good idea :-)

Twigwoman said...

Oh Sharon she is so lovely!!!!!
and the hat is pretty cute too! <3

Sue said...

Charlotte is just adorable and she makes a great hat model too. Love the hat with the flower on it.

wendy said...

Cutie!! and wonderful to prolong the hat wearing, clever lady ☺

Jenn said...

I have had to be away from your lovely blog (and, alas, crocheting) for a while - so I was scrolling through May posts and saw these lovely pics. Little Charlotte is lovely! She looks about my youngest daughter's age, who just turned 1 this May. Coincidentally, she is also SO close to walking! And her name? Eleanor Charlotte. What a lovely little girl you have, and a lovely name as well! Now...if I could get Ellie to wear a hat like little Charlotte is doing so nicely, without ripping it off her head!