Friday, November 23, 2012

A Zebra Hat.

Of course there are other things I could (and for that matter SHOULD) be working on...

Like the design for my December Crochet Challenge...

But instead I'm making a Zebra Hat:


It's for the Designers Challenge Group over at Ravelry.

This month's criteria:

Object: head accessory
Theme: black and white
Technique: colorwork - using more than one colour in a row

So I'm putting together a Zebra hat.

A square hat, mostly black - with a few white stripes. It will either have tassels hanging from each corner, or maybe a fringed tassel running all the way along the top edge...

If you've got some ideas of your own - you should come and join in the group - and make up your own design!

1 comment:

Neen said...

I love this idea! I enjoy seeing your design process -the drawing and the chart you have made. Looking forward to seeing the finished hat :)