Friday, February 20, 2009


Been incredibly busy lately, with all sorts of NON-CRAFT activities... so I don't have much to share with you today.

So instead, I will share a few links...

Quite a number of you have been asking for details of the blogs which I follow. The truth is, I don't spend much time on other blogs... otherwise I'd NEVER get any crafting of my own done. But there are three places I like to visit for inspiration.


this month the focus is on pets... which is not really appealing to me much... but if you go back to the january posts, the focus was on recycling... plenty of inspiration there

I love to check out what people are up to here. Even if the focus is on a craft which I haven't mastered yet... it is fascinating to see what is being made out there.

Martha Stewart
Don't tell anyone (especially Mr Goldfish) but I think I might be in love with Martha. I always check out her 'craft of the day' and also her 'organizing tip of the day'

So tell me... and one another... where do YOU like to visit???

Back again!

I'm editing this post to include links to the sites you suggest... just makes it easier for us all to have a sticky beak

the pioneer woman

cake wrecks


whip up

lime & violet


Meg said...

I love these sites!

Unknown said...

I am absolutly addicted to
I visit there every single day and sometimes more than once.
I can choose if I want a craft, crochet or knitting pattern.
Love it

magpye said...

I LOVE (lots of crafts) and (mostly knitting). Love them both!

Nushki said...

I visit Ravelry if I need inspiration =]

Sam said...

Oh this is good - lots more crafty inspiration.

One of my favourites is
Lots of recycling goodness there :-)

Also, you'll be delighted to know that I finally responded to your tag, and I have tagged you with a photo game in return. Please visit my blog to see what I'm talking about :-)

Cats-Rockin-Crochet said...

Just a few I like also.