Monday, February 2, 2009

inga's haekelbeutal

I've had my eye on this pattern for a while, but have been waiting for just the right yarn to come my way. It's a fascinating bag, made using 16 squares... which are then joined in an unusual shape, to make the bag. The pattern is available in pdf format, by clicking here.

So I was excited to try it using my recently dyed red/purple colourway...
(click here and here to see the colouring processes I used)

the yarn is about 10ply/aran weight, and I used a 5.0mm hook

the squares worked up nicely:

003 single square

and I crocheted them together with a cream wool, to help define each square:

004 squares joined

but I seem to have created a monster:

001 progress

It looks nice enough so far... but it is HUGE! So I've come to a grinding halt, while I decide what to do next...

option 1 -
I could leave it as is... sew in the ends, add the straps, and line it BUT... even with short straps, this thing comes down to my knees! It would probably make a great yarn bag, but I don't know that I would use it for anything else... and that would be a shame

option 2 -
I could felt it, but who knows how that would work out? I would be risking the whole thing, and I really like this yarn. I'm concerned that the near boiling water used to felt the bag, will also make the colours run. Has anyone felted a project made from food-dyed yarn before? I know that the colour has set nicely, because I have washed it and it did not run... but felting is a bit harsher than normal washing...

option 3 -
I could take it apart, then re-join the squares using only 12 instead of 16. The bag would remain the same width, but become shorter... which would work. But the idea of taking it apart... ugh...

I think I have to go with option 3... but I'm not ready to jump in just yet... I have to prepare myself mentally first, so I don't cry... too much!

Oh, and next time I make this bag... I will only work 4 rounds on each square.


kelly lautenbach said...

It's beautiful... I'm no help with what to do... I bet you'll work it out and it'll be fabulous! : )

Linda aka Crafty Gardener said...

I made the same bag and found that it came out big as well. I haven't used mine yet and haven't decided to line it or not. I thought about taking out the squares that form the bottom of the bag, or trying to find something to make it a square bottom bag.

PurpleBecca said...

Hi your yarn is lovely. I've felted food coloring dyed yarn before, and the colors did not run. If you used enough vinegar when you dyed it and heated it up enough the dye should be color-fast.

Although sometimes a big bag is nice. You could use it for short trips and such.

Lauria said...

It's very pretty! If you do decide to go with felting, I would add more vinegar with the water if you're worried about color fastness. I add vinegar to every wash (it acts as a fabric softener) and it certainly won't harm anything, but should also keep the dye in right place!

Anonymous said...

I agree - on both counts. Yes, that bag ends up HUGE! I made one for a swap last year and was shocked at its size.

And, sure, you can felt it. I've only heard good things about felting food-coloring-dyed yarn, although I've never tried it myself. (If you think about it, sometimes the dye process itself gets nearly that hot.)

It's gorgeous, no matter what you choose to do!

Sam said...

It looks beautiful. I didn't realise it was so big, but I have read about it (on Craftster?) coming out big. I think the person there reduced the number of squares.
If the dye will take it, I would go with felting it. That would be fabulous. :-)

Suz said...

Thanks for posting the link to this pattern! It is next on my list.

Anonymous said...

Frankly, you should choose option 3 - mail it to ME!

joanieponytail said...

I would definitely go with felting. If you are going to take it apart I think it would be better to remove a round from each square rather than to change the proportions by leaving out some of the squares. It is a lovely bag.

heklica said...

It is beautiful! I've made one myself and have looked at some project at Ravelry, but yours is, I think, one of the most beautiful. I'm surprised with the fact that it's too big - mine actually came out on the small side, smaller than I thought it would be, that is. Of course, I don't remember now what size hook I used, but it was smaller than 5mm. It is 24 cm in width, and about the same in height to the topmost corner of the square (when lying flat). I suppose some people wouldn't call this small but I'm a teacher and anything that can't hold a big format book is too small :) How big is your bag?

As for felting, why don't you make a sample square, toghether with cream edging and felt it to see what happens?

AC said...

Gorgeous...I want to have a go at this pattern as have inspired me yet again:-)

Anonymous said...

I would also suggest making a sample square and felting it. Good luck and let us know what you decide.

Carlene said...

I made a bag with only 12 squares instead of 16 and it does not work out the same way at all. The bottom becomes a strange shape and the bag is not pleasing. You can see my failed bag on Ravelry (Carlenerun's Modified Haekelbeutel).

Christy T said...

I'm going to second Carlene's comment. The bag turns out all wonky if you try to only use 12 squares. And, I think the "practice felting" with one square sounds like a great idea, too!

Sylvia said...

You could also make one more square and turn it into a cushion! :-)

laughing purple goldfish said...

kelly - thank you :)

crafty gardener - a-ha... so it's not just me then! off to check out your bag now

purplebecca - thanks for the feedback... I used a reasonable amountof vinegar, so 'fingers crossed' for a good result

lauria - extra vinegar... good idea... thankks :)

aimee - another big one? I'm seeing a pattern here!

sam - thanks... I'm liking the felting option more and more myself :)

suz - you're welcome... and now you know IT TURNS OUT BIG!!!

leslie - but how would I know where to send it???

joanieponytail - yep... I think you're right about that... taking one round from each would be the ideal way to go if I'm pulling it to pieces, anyway

misha - just had a look at yours on rav... very nice! and I see that it has been faved lots of times too... so LOTS of people think it is very nice!
oh my goodness... I just measured my bag and it is 52cm wide!!!! that's more than twice the width of yours...
hmmm... swatching... I'm such a naughty crafter, that it didn't even cross my mind to try a swatch! NAUGHTY GOLDFISH... brilliant idea... just wondering if I have enough yarn leftover... I'll check it out

alison - yay! it's so simple... but really effective... you'll have fun with it

terry d - thanks... will definitely felt a swatch... am mortified that I didn't think of that myself... bad goldfish, never swatches... I usually just 'wing it' then if it doesn't turn out the way I planned, I just let it morph into something else!

carlene - okay... now I have to go and take a look at your rav projects :)

martha - very useful info... thanks

healthily sanguine - good plan, but I'm short on yarn... mind you, the back doesn't HAVE to match the front, does it??? said...

if you have more of this yarn then test it make one square out of several colors and then just felt that see how it comes out ?????? Just an idea? hugs