Saturday, January 31, 2009

more purple

Well, the heat wave here continues... yesterday it reached 47C... 116.6F... and of course we lost power AGAIN, but only for a couple of hours...

Can I just say that NOTHING works effectively in that kind of heat... especially not me!

I don't want to lay blame with the camera, or the operator... but today's photos are very average.

Maybe it's the heat radiating from every possible surface, which has made them come out so blurry? Yes... I'll stick with that theory for now...

I have a project in mind for the red/purple colours, but I'm going to need a little bit more yarn. All the pieces from that garment have been frogged now, but there was a piece which I frogged BEFORE I thought to experiment with the dyeing.

It was already skeined, so I thought I'd just throw some purple on.

First I soaked it in the vinegar/water mix for 30 minutes, then took off the excess water and laid in on some cling wrap.

011 virgin skein

Then I added some food colouring diluted with vinegar and water...

012 adding some dye

Wrapped it in the cling film and gave it a bit of a squish. I wanted to spread the colour around a bit... but not enough to distribute it evenly.

013 wrapped up

Then microwaved it... rinsed it... and here it is... almost dry...

014 almost dry

and finally ready to use

colour 4

Next time I'll share my new project with you!


Big mamma frog said...

Love that purple! Your blog always inspires me to go rummage in our loft and dig out something to knit or crochet.
47 degrees?! Ok, so we don't want a heatwave, but just a bit of warm sunshine would be nice to brighten up our damp grey English winter...roll on Spring!

Anonymous said...

oooh - wow!
(I think the photo of the wool unwrapped is lovely)

Sam said...

You make it sound so easy, and the results look so fabulous.
Hmmmm... :-)

egebs said...

That looks really cool.

CT said...

I think I like this one even better than the last !!!!!please! knit yourself a shrug before I travel halfway through the globe and snatch them before you use them! LOL!

heklica said...

Love how in the macro photograph the yarn actually looks whitish on the surface with purple just discernible beneath it. I'm really interested to see how it will look when knitted/crocheted.

laughing purple goldfish said...

big mamma frog - thanks :)
just goes to show, we like to complain... don't we? too hot.. too cold... too dry... too wet...

sally - thank you

sam - sweetie... that's because it IS easy!!!!

egebs - thank you!

CT - you'll have to be QUICK!!!

misha - is english your first language? I only ask, because your english is excellent, but I notice that you don't blog in english... so I was just curious...
back to the topic... yes, there really is a white almost hairy aura to the yarn when you see it up close