Monday, January 19, 2009

where does the 'mojo' go?

Any idea where the mojo goes?

Or more importantly, how you get it back again?

So many of my crafting buddies have been complaining that they have lost their mojo. So I don't feel completely alone with this dilemma. But it does puzzle me... how one minute you can be ON FIRE with your crafting, and your fingers can barely keep up with the creativity which your mind is generating... and then... BOOM!



slump city!

You come to a screeching halt. None of your projects excite you any more, so you look for something new to try. But everything just looks so bland... boring... bleargh...

You start a new project, but it just feels so 'meh'!

So you pull it apart, and try something new... but that's no better... aarghhhhh!

Maybe it is a post-Christmas slump... after the craziness of the holiday season, maybe we just need some time to regenerate. Take time to switch off while the batteries recharge. Perhaps for those of us Down Under, it's a summer time thing. We're busy with the beach, and barbeques... the kids are on holidays... our 'routines' are desperately out of whack... so the crafting suffers.

I try not to get concerned that it has gone forever... although occasionally the thought does cross my mind. I know it will return at some point... but I don't believe you can force yourself back into the groove again. You just have to be patient and wait for your creative side to kick back into action. I guess we all need a bit of a holiday from time to time. Even from the things we love doing.

So... what have I been up to during my 'slump' time???

I've been keeping 'in touch' with my yarns by DE-constructing!

This is a small sample of the yarns I have reclaimed over the last few weeks. There's more skeins piling up in my laundry, waiting to be washed.

reclaimed yarn - january

One of the things I love most about the actual process of DE-constructing... is that I still get the benefit of handling the yarn. I get the same sense of relaxation as I would from knitting or crocheting... but without having to expend any creative energy. Plus there's the added benefit of all that yummy yarn to work with when the mojo returns! I've been able to use my slump time constructively, by replenishing my stash.

click here for my tutorial on how to recycle yarn

Enough about me!

Tell me... do you still have your mojo?


campbellgirl said...

So glad you are back, I have missed you! Sorry to hear about the mojo blues - I don't know where it goes either. Maybe there's only a limited amount and it gets shared around. Someone else might be jumping up and down with excitement yelling that THEIR mojo is back!!! May be we have to lose it for a while so we don't burn ourselves up or out or whatever. You were still pretty busy - I envy you all that lovely yarn you have stashed up. I must try that yarn recycling sometime. Cheerio!

Eli Harris said...

Hi, Im Jen H. and Ive lost my crocheting mojo. (slumps off to the corner to pout)

SongRoarsPease said...

Oh heck, I am so glad that I am not the only one! No energy- my own blog is still stuck on Christmas- I am three projects behind and have no desire to update at all. Hubby took my older son off to the inlaws for the weekend, and the baby still sleeps alot, so I had a ton of time work on stuff. The minute that I started though? Nothing. Nada. No interest at all. Like you, I got more pleasure out of cleaning my space and organizing. Now I have all of this room, and no ideas. My hubby, in a bid to get me going again, requested a stained glass mosaic of AC/DC> For his office wall. Better than nothing, I guess- not that I have anything against them, but this is a stretch!

Here is to a renewed Mojo for us all!!!

Janet McKinney said...

My mojo goes on holidays too. I think we need to treat our crafting mojo with care - and not abuse it. If it is playing dead - then don't try and beat it back up again.

Generally when mine goes away, it just means that it wants to morph into another form - time to find something different to do. I have to acknowledge that I am energised by doing new things.

Only thing is - when it has gone in ALL forms, then I know that I need to watch out for depression coming to grab me. I give myself permission to do nothing for a while - and then talk myself into cleaning up the craft area while I am not doing anything. Nothing like a clean area for the mojo to come back - in fact that may be what it is saying - "I want to work in an organised/clean area"...


Juls said...

Oh man girlfriend, I am so there, and I can't seem to end it! I'm able to make things from patterns, but not able to make up any of my own patterns. When I get done making something I have THE WORST time picking the next project to make! It must be the winter blah's and the after holiday bummers.

Sam said...

Glad you're back :-)

I think it's that massive push to get so much done for Christmas, then *blink* it's over, and there's no urgency, then no need.

I went through my list of projects that had been queuing, waiting for the time, and nothing was interesting. Typical :-)

Still haven't settled on a knitting/crochet project, but I've reclaimed a bit of excitement by trying new crafts. At the moment, I'm making stamps out of polystyrene pizza bases.

Never fear! Soon, you'll start one project, and your head will suddenly fill with ideas.

Beth said...

I've still been going with my crafts. Since I work full time Christmas/New Year holidays are the best time for me to catch up on some projects.
I got some sewing done and spent a good amount of time on my latest cross stitch project.
My craft slump usually comes in the winter months.

Leslie said...

I am SO with you! As I sit on the couch typing this, I can look on my coffee table and see a hat that I've been trying to knit for two weeks. A HAT! I know it has to be done by the time my sister arrives in 10 days since it is a Christmas gift.

I was so slammed during the holidays that, once they were done, I didn't even want to look at yarn. Of course, it didn't stop me from BUYING yarn. I just didn't want to do anything with it!

I'm hoping everything will kick back in soon because I really want to make something for myself. I love that you reclaim yarn and wish that you lived near me so I could "see" how you do it.

Chin up!

Anonymous said...

I'm no stranger to mojolessness. I lose it with every craft/creative endeavor eventually. Then it comes back, sometimes a month later, sometimes six years later. This is why I haven't scrapbooked in ten months or worked on my children's writing for over two years.

Post holidays this year, I've avoided the crochet mojo slump by crocheting for (are you ready?) MYSELF! I began two projects for myself, then put them on hold when two projects presented themselves for people in need, and am now working on things just for me once again. It feels so indulgent. I'm loving it.

And, I'm dyeing and frogging, too. Mixing it up a bit.

Sally said...

Too, too lovely to have you back.

I've been through a big slump, maybe ever since I left art school!!! But I have found giving myself space and feeding my need for inspiration has really helped. Now I'm making some exciting things!


Ready for some philosophy?
I think its to do with right brain and left brain, discipline, and life balance.

A really, really good book to help you with your crafts practice is 'the artist way by Julia Cameron'.

But in the meanwhile you can make yourself a fun list of all the things you like to do, and all the things that inspire you. Now pick one and go and do it! (its important not to look for results with this - just go and be)(oh and put some silly things on your list like licking the cake batter off the spoon)

I'd love to know if you do this! xx

LisaB said...

Wow, by my estimate you deconstructed 8 sweaters and more skeins not yet washed? And you call yourself in a slump? Don't worry too much about it. I think the holidays gets us all down, creation wise. There is so much to do, and then work as well. I love unraveling sweaters, its so fun.

Renee' said...

Hi there, I was browsing blogs trying to find some to follow, & I like yours but can't figure out how to follow it, could you help me out please? ((in case you couldn't tell I'm new to blogging!)) {{my blog is if you want to comment me back! }}

karen said...

Welcome back! What the heck is mojo short form for? Up Over we get the January blahs but I thought that was only because it was winter - cold and snowy across most of Canada. Replenishing the stash as you are doing sounds most worthwhile for calling the critter back ; Mojo does sound like the name of a pet!

misha said...

Welcome back :))) I missed your posts. I am not worried in the least about your mojo having gone. From what I've read on this blog, it'll be back soon enough. Actually, I think it's not gone at all, just hibernating :)

whatsonox said...

Great to see you back and I am well impressed with the amount of work you get done when you're feeling mojoless - all that wool neatly balled up must give you a sense of achievement. (oh no, I'm losing my English again - I just can't think of the right word for making balls out of wool)

I'm worried that if I don't get on with my baby blanket the baby, which arrived early, will grow faster than the blanket does!

laughing purple goldfish said...

campbellgirl - I am going to inspire you with so many wonderful goodies this year... ALL made from reclaimed/recycled and second hand materials... you are not going to be able to resist the lure of recycling your own wool!!! (insert evil laugh here)

jen - come here and hold my hand... we'll look for it together

songroarspease - oh my goodness... a stained glass mosaic of AC/DC... wow! he doesn't ask for much, does he!!! lol...

janet - have you been peeking in my windows... because it sounds like you know EXACTLY what my crafting area looks like at the moment! I'm inclined to agree... a little bit of TLC is in order for my stash and supplies... time to show them a little more respect...

juls - I'm the same... I try and work from patterns... but it still feels really lifeless! let's hang in there together :)

sam - ooooohhhhh... stamps out of polystyrene pizza bases.... I look forward to reading all about that on your blog :)

beth - sounds like you had an incredibly productive holiday period... you are definitely IN THE GROOVE

leslie - thanks for the encouragement... AND FINISH THAT HAT!!!

aimee - ouch... scrapbooking... that sounds familiar, mine has been untouched for a couple of years now... I like your idea of 'mixing it up' in fact maybe I should try dabbling a little in my scrapbooking... since that was what gave me the confidence to experiment more with my fibre crafts in the first place

sally - ooohhh... I wasn't expecting philosophy, but THANK YOU :) that list sounds brilliant... you know what I haven't done for ages??? jumped on the trampoline! it's 10:30pm here, and a balmy summers night... I'm going out to jummp, as soon as I finish this message!!!

lisab - my hands want to do something, but my brain doesn't know where to start... so the unraveling has been a perfect project

renee - there are two options... you can either subscribe by EMAIL or in a READER... take a look at the top right hand side of my blog... there is a box to put your email address into if you would like to receive my updates that way... or click on the orange RSS feed box just underneath to subscribe in a reader... hope that helps

karen - Up Over :) I have no idea if mojo is actually an abbreviation for anything... mind you... it does sound like a name for a pet!

misha - thanks for the vote of confidence sweetie... let's hope it returns soon!

whatsonox - winding? perhaps?
as for babies... well... they do grow so incredibly quickly... so you might need to go into hyperdrive on that project!

Kelly (fairieknits) said...

Your Back! Your Back!

I'm so excited, You have been very missed.

My dh and I are moving right now so most of my crafting stuff is packed up, I really did think it would be a hardship for me but right now I'm feeling a bit low on the mojo too.

The only thing I've got done since Christmas was a hat and I started on a kitchen towel set for my new kitchen (its going to be twice the size of my current kitchen!)

The thing I'm most looking forward to is getting my hands on my new crafting space! I always find that a good cleaning and organizing does wonders for the creativity.

Welcome back!

Islagringo said...

I knit solely for charity. Warm stocking caps for the incredibly poor children that live in the mountains of Mexico. Even so, I hav trouble keeping my mojo going in January. It's warm here too. Maybe that is it.

cam90066 said...

Welcome back! I've become so accustomed to checking your blog frequently I was still peeking in regularly in anticipation of your return...and more great entries.

I understand the absence of mojo. I just finished a vest for one of my bros, and sent off a box with cardi, hat, mittens, etc to a friend. All down with great fervor. Now I'm looking at the back and a partial sleeve for a cardi for myself...recycled yarns...and am not feeling enthused. Ho, hum.

laughing purple goldfish said...

kelly - fingers crossed for an uneventful move.. th new kitchen sounds fab... and new crafting space... wow!

islagringo - good to know I'm not alone... and what a wonderful cause you support... excellent to hear

cam - thanks... I've missed my blogging, and looking forward to sharing more great ideas this year

Elspeth said...

Have you considered selling your reclaimed yarns on Since you like the process, may as well let other knitters benefit! (And crocheters too!)