Saturday, January 24, 2009

did you figure it out?

Did you figure out where I went wrong with Esther's Square???

craftster block 1 - esther - 12"

Take a look at the centre of my square... see the + at the centre? Now look at the original pattern... see it should be an X shape? When I joined on the navy yarn for round 5, I must have started in the wrong spot, which then threw out the corner placements.

I only noticed this AFTER all my ends had been sewn in AND the piece had been BLOCKED. So there is NO WAY I will be fixing it, but I was curious to work out exactly where I went wrong, so I could learn for next time. It's a mistake that I wouldn't have made if I was working the piece in one colour.

But how often do I use just one colour for ANYTHING?

Not very. Although I had planned to work these afghan squares in single colours, I just couldn't do it... it felt SO WRONG!

So I took my colour inspiration from a rug on my lounge room floor instead...



Sam said...

Great rug - I can see why you like it ;-)
That's a lovely square, even with a "mistake".
I did start work on the January 12" square, ages ago, but I didn't like the colours I had available. Then I ran out of one just before the end(!!!) and on measuring I realised the square was only 10".
I threw it in a corner :-( Maybe Feb will be better, lol.

cats-rockin-crochet said...

So you are back! And so many post's for me to read. Glad to see the mo jo's back at work and great to see you posting!

AuntieElle said...

A woman I work with is a quilter and she was telling us this story about the "God square." Apparently on the very last square, they deliberately make a mistake (put something the wrong way round, or similar) - I guess the theory being that only God can make something that is perfect. Well you can just consider this your God square! Kind of appropriate too since it has a cross on it - LOL!

Linda said...

The Amish make one mistake on each of the quilts. It is because they say that God is the only one who is perfect. But I don't have to worry about that, because everything I crochet has at least one mistake in it. Because I am too lazy to rip out more than a row or two.

laughing purple goldfish said...

sam - of course feb will be better... now go and get that square out of the corner, and if you still don't like it...UNRAVEL it... even if it's short pieces... use it for crazy yarn

cat - thanks :)

elle - good theory.. .I like it... thank you!

linda - excellent... I am totally sticking to this theory now... sounds like it would be INAPPROPRIATE to NOT make a mistake!