Friday, January 23, 2009

another square already?

I know it's not yet February... and the whole idea of the CAL I talked about in my last post was to work on ONE BLOCK each month...


I was on such a high after successfully completing the first one, that I wanted to attempt another!

So I decided to work up the alternative January square... the pattern is Esther's Square again by Chris Simon (as was the Mandala) If you are not a member at Ravelry, you can view the original pattern here

Once again, I have used recycled and reclaimed yarns, this time eight different colours. Using a 5.0mm hook, my block came out exactly 12" square… which was a pleasant surprise.

craftster block 1 - esther - 12"

Colour details
  • round 1 - dark burgundy
  • round 2 - maroon
  • round 3 - peacock blue
  • round 4 - mid blue
  • round 5 - navy
  • round 6 - river gum green
  • round 7 - maroon
  • round 8 - dark burgundy
  • round 9 - cream
  • round 10 - brown and white fleck
  • round 11 - mid blue
  • round 12 - navy
  • round 13 - dark burgundy
Did you notice that I made a boo-boo with my block???

Take another look at my block, and the original pattern... and see if you can figure out where I went wrong.


campbellgirl said...

Ah, you have made Esther. When I was making mine, I did wonder how it would look if one did THAT! Nice square all the same. Cheers, Diane.

My Best Friend Calls Me Martha said...

I might be blind, but I don't see your mistake! I plan on making both squares every month... Then I'll have an extra-big blanket at the end of the year :)

LittleMary said...

they are so beautiful! what a great idea. i do also have a hard time reading crochet patterns--at times, but that is half the fun, figuring them out like a great puzzle. i just requested an invitation from ravelry, so we will see how long that takes, but this weekend will work on my first square. so glad i found your blog!

LittleMary said...

help! wha'd i do wrong? mine turned out to be 10 inches...but it is the most beautiful thing in the world. i took your lead and used 7 different colors, and really love how they turned out complimenting each other...but 10 inches. maybe all of them will turn out to be 10 inches...maybe i should have used a larger hook.

Anabelle said...

Thank you for this! I joined and made the Mandala today!

laughing purple goldfish said...

campbellgirl - thanks :)

martha - I didn't see it at first either... but it's in there... love the idea of the extra big blanket

littlemary - you will love ravelry... so much inspiration to be found there! as for the size of your square... I guess you must work with a tighter tension than I do... your options are to either leave it a 10" and maybe the others will turn out that size too... or you can add another couple of rounds to bring it up to size... would love to see your square

anabelle - thanks for the link, I've left a message on your blog

LittleMary said...

thanks for the help! if you want to shoot me an email with your email i can send along a picture i am here: teachat1 at gmail dot com. My blog is private, where this is a picture, but maybe i will start my own public blog with just my crafty things. the private blog has too many threads going on right now...