Friday, September 3, 2010

a goldfish moment...


Yes... I'm still here

Just not as often as I used to be!

I hadn't really anticipated the impact that working would have on my craft time.

Usually I work three days each week... so I figured that would still leave four days for all the other things that I love to do.

But it hasn't quite worked out like that!

Not happy Jan.

Ah well...

I finally got caught up with some crochet last weekend.

My Crochet Lovers Victoria group had a meet on sunday (well, not so much that the group is MINE as such, just that I am a member... you know what I mean)

As I was saying, sunday was crochet meet day... and I loved every minute of it. I haven't been along to a gathering in such along time, that it almost felt like I was the new girl. In fact, just as I was leaving home that day, Mr Goldfish teased that everyone would have forgotten my name, since they haven't seen me in so long!

I spent about six hours crafting and chatting... which is more craft than I have managed in the last few weeks put together!

Now, I don't know if I was distracted by all the chatter...

Or whether I am so put of practice with the hook that I have forgotten how to keep a straight edge on my work...

But look at this disaster: the edge is supposed to be STRAIGHT!!!



Sam said...

Hmm...too much chatter I think :D Still, ideal opportunity for a redesign? Love the texture in the top photo.

Boo! to not enough time to craft - perhaps everything just takes time to settle down, and you'll get into a new routine. Crossing my fingers, anyway :-)

Sam x

misha said...

In order to manage work and craft you need to cut down on housework! Trust me, I know ;)

Dawniedear said...

It could be seen as a design element lol