Thursday, September 9, 2010

the granny treatment

Did you notice the cushion on the couch in my last blog post???

There's nothing wrong with it... except that it is a bit, well, too BEIGE for my liking!

So I've decided to give it the granny treatment.

One nice bright granny square coming up...

a cushion in the making

I've always been reluctant to use granny squares on cushions, because of the sewing involved... I mean... you simply MUST line them, they're too holey not to.

And the very thought of having to line them, has sent me running... because if I wanted a removable cover, then I would have to insert a zipper... and that's just all too scarey for my liking!

But this time I'm going to cheat a little.

Because the existing cushion cover is in good condition (well... it will need to be soaked for a few days in some napisan... but apart from the general grubbiness, it's in good nick) I can simply attach the crochet to the cover. I'll probably make a square for the front and the back, and then just stitch them into place.

That's the plan, anyway... and I'll try and remember to take some progress photos as I go... although sometimes I just get so caught up in the moment that I completely forget!


RSA Certificate said...

Yay orange for autumn! I like the "granny treatment", looks good ;) well done!

Kyliie said...

Omg that is soooo pretty! I think I am going to make some of those for my living room :)