Friday, August 2, 2013

Irsia the Bathroom Owl

Irsia the Bathroom Owl

I'll be completely honest with you here...

This challenge almost did my head in!

You know that I have these monthly challenges, right?

And whoever "wins" the challenge chooses what I should design next, right?

So I never quite know what I'll be asked to do...

Well, this month I was asked to design a TOILET LID COVER!

It turns out that these covers are actually popular in some parts of the world...

I sometimes forget that not everyone views things the same way as I do.

So I found it very, very hard to get my head around what I would do.

I would never dream of using one myself, and the last time I saw one in use here was back in the 1970s. But there are indeed places where people love and appreciate the covers. Especially in colder climates. And where people might use the closed toilet as a seat, for example while supervising young kids in the bath.

Meanwhile, I had two months to think about it - and even the day before the challenge was scheduled to start, I still hadn't made a thing!

Irsia the Bathroom Owl

Many, many times I though about tossing it all in - and declaring that another suggestion be made...

But that wouldn't really be in the spirit of these challenges, would it?

I knew that I had to rise to the occasion and create something special!

And so I did...

Irsia the bathroom owl

So - if you're loving the owl, but are put off by the toilet cover idea...


How about a wall hanging, or a blanket, a handbag or a cushion?

Or maybe you will use it as a toilet cover?

The pattern gives specific written instructions for the owl itself, and then talks you through how to tailor the rest of the cover to the shape of your lid.

If you want to join in the fun, send me an email or join us here on Ravelry.

Irsia the Bathroom Owl


R said...

How do I join? This is really neat. I've never done something like this before.

Unknown said...

How can I get this pattern plz, I love 😍 love it

Unknown said...

How can I get this pattern plz, I love 😍 love it