Monday, August 5, 2013

Winner Announced!

Staarrkatt 1

I've chosen a winner for the Bearskin Rug challenge...

My absolute favourite was this snowy white delight - made by Katt!

Now the Clever Katt gets to tell me what to design for the next knitting challenge - time to put the thinking cap on...

I did have a couple of other favourites though.

Like this Intellectual Soul, knitted by Col:


And this unfortunate one named Lucky... who came to his tragic end when struck by a motorbike, courtesy of Julie:

Shilo 1

Shilo 2

And my dear friend Leah, who insists she can't knit - came up with this delight, which she's aptly named "Pimp My Bear"


It never ceases to amaze me, how many DIFFERENT looking projects can be born from the SAME pattern. People are immensely creative!

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Leah said...

Oh're the best!