Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Edited Wrap

Onarum Wrap

I'm fiddling about with my Onarum Wrap pattern - making a couple of changes based on the excellent feedback from my pattern testers last month.

Really pleased with the alterations. Just need to stitch the tassels in place, and block it lightly - the take photos of the new version.

I'm working with a different colourway of the Bendigo Murano this time - and it's just as delightful as the last one!

Speaking of delightful - I've been blown away by all the magnificent wraps created by my testers this month... and now I need to choose a winner. This one is going to be tough!

Onarum Wrap

2 comments: said...

Please let me know where I can obtain the 'Onarum Wrap' pattern. I have tried to reach you thru several locations, but still no answer. So, I will thank you in advance for answer. Barbara L.

laughing purple goldfish said...

Thanks for your interest in the pattern Barbara... I've sent a response to you over on Ravelry! Sharon