Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Ready to get my CRAZY on...

Beanie Festival 2014

I know I've been gone for a while... but I'm back now...


The Alice Springs Beanie Festival is looming. Have you heard about it before?

It's an Aussie event - so you may not have... but it's a four day festival, held in Central Australia - and it's TOTALLY dedicated to beanies. Knitted beanies, crochet beanies, felted beanies - the quirkier the better. Thousands and thousands of beanies all on sale in the one location.

And there's also a multitude of craft workshops running...

But best of all is the COMPETITION.

Because that's where the real creativity comes in.

 Beanie Festival 2014

This year the theme is OUT OF THIS WORLD.


So much to choose from there. You could keep it simple and look at the sun, moon and stars. maybe the planetary system would come into play. Already I'm imagining a mobile style hat, with the main beanie as the sun, and all the other planets orbiting it in order. I'm sure that more than one person will design something along those lines...

What about the zodiac? There's a whole lot to choose from there... Or you could base your design on other constellations... How about the Milky Way or the Southern Cross?

Then you could explore all things Science Fiction... Given the current popularity of Doctor Who - I'm expecting to see the TARDIS and some Daleks (they'd work really well as beanies) as well as a few Cybermen... Or skip Doctor Who completely, and explore a Star Wars or Star Trek theme.

You could keep is more cutesy if you wanted... and think about Kiddy Aliens. You know, the style of aliens you see illustrated in childrens books. Lots of primary colours in use, and simple embellishments: three big eyes, a zig-zag mouth, etc.

Or even base your hat on a child's drawing of an alien... that would be inspiring.

Of course you could take the theme "Out of this world" to just mean CRAZY... and just go all out with a NUTS design... That would be fun too!

Do you see how much there is to choose from here??? It's going to be awesome to see this year's entries - even if you don't create a beanie yourself.


IF you are feeling INSPIRED... check out the website here for more information...

Because ANYONE can enter! Even international crafters.

So what are you waiting for??? You know you want to JOIN IN the fun...

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