Tuesday, January 15, 2008

cheerful rag bag


click here to download pattern

or click here to see another style of crochet rag bag


Tania said...

What a great idea for leftovers, that is clever - I love your bag! I really need to learn crochet too.

Maria said...

I love your bag...in this day and age of Recycling it's a great way to use up old clothes from your closet or from the thrift shop!!
Thanks for the pattern :)

laughing purple goldfish said...

rag bags are so much fun... addictive, but fun

Jen said...

Your bag is outstanding! I'm going to try this...Thank you for the pattern!

marjol said...

I love your cheerful rag bag but cant find the pattern on ravelry it says not available, please where can I find it. Thank you