Friday, January 4, 2008

mary mary

another day... another project finished!

I really should finish things more often, it's a fabulous feeling

this one is a gardener's bag knitted in jute... I will fill it with goodies for my mother-in-law's birthday


This fabulous bag is designed with the home garden enthusiast in mind. It has a lengthy strap which allows it to be worn comfortably across the body, or can be tied wherever you are working in the garden.

Stash your gardening bits and bobs inside… secateurs, garden ties, gloves… whatever you fancy! Hang it up in the garden shed, or on a hook in the laundry… and you will be ready to hit the garden when Spring rolls around!

Or use it for collecting fruit… we have just had the most abundant yield of apricots here, and the plums are nearly ready!

click here to download pattern




Jack said...

Very cool! How is the jute to work with and where do you get it?

laughing purple goldfish said...

the jute was a tiny bit rough on the hands... but not awful!

I got a huge ball from my local op shop - about 2kg worth. It was wrapped in heavy plastic, and I thought it looked like a glorious handspun yarn... so I got a bit of a surprise when I opened it up at home and realised it was a jute!!!

still - a bargain at $4

anyhow... I have so much of the stuff here... I haven't even made a dent in the ball as yet! I'm happy to send some your way if you are interested - just pm me your details thru woolaholics

Soulful Hues said...

i love this bag! and your blog, reclaimed fiber rock!

Lynda said...

Thank you so much for this pattern. I have a gardening friend who will love this. Her brithday is in August, so I've plenty of time to knit it up and fill it with goodies. ;0)

Rima said...

Ah. The fiber that gave you the sneezies :)

- Rima ( from the Year Long Gift blog.

Linda said...

I love this gardening bag and plan to make one soon.

Anonymous said...

Your gardeners' bag is pretty, very like one I made in the early 1970's for a purse, mine had wooden beads. Just an old hippie, you know.

laughing purple goldfish said...

thank you...

and there's ABSOLUTELY nothing wrong with being an old hippie!