Friday, November 28, 2008

rag wreath

It was time for a new Christmas wreath at our place...

I love to place a wreath on the front door for the holiday season. I bought a really nice simple one, several years back... but last year I had to throw it away. Our front door gets a strong dose of morning sunlight - remember - I'm in Australia... so Christmas time is SUMMER. Anyway, the embellishments on the wreath were made from coated styrene, and they cracked, popped and exploded last season.

Of course I didn't actually throw the wreath away. The decorations are gone, but I have kept the base. I was planning to re-decorate it for this Christmas... but then I had a change of heart, and decided to make a rag wreath instead!

finished wreath on door

Because of the strong morning light, I was concerned that my colours would fade too quickly. So I decided to make this up in very neutral tones.

Bad move...

I hate it!

Well... I don't actually hate it... it's just not very ME. It's subtle and neutral, and OUT OF PLACE on my front door! I need colour

So, I will be making another one... with a bit more life to it.



bright rag wreath

But for the moment, I will show you how this one came together. It's a very simple process.

I have a plentiful supply of rag balls here, so I grabbed a handful in the colours which I wanted (or thought that I wanted)

marked out a large circle on a piece of strong cardboard

and a smaller one inside

cut out the ring shape

started to tie on the rag pieces

added some more

and some more

just to give you an idea how the back looks at this point...

then tied on some more rag strips until it was full

I made a twisted cord from rags, tied it into a bow... and stitched it into place... click here for twisted cord instructions

I've also trimmed the tails on some of the rags to a shorter length.

Fast - Fun - Easy - which is good news for me, since I now want to re-make it in a more colourful manner!


heklica said...

I understand why you may not like it but I love it!

Elaine said...

you can use fabric paint... or add those wooden rings(with color rags tied or painted) or just add extra fabic or get some plant matter, tree branches sticks

whatsonox said...

I'm afraid I agree with you. It is subtle and for me Christmas is big and brash. Great idea though - I wonder if I can make one with strips cut out of our odd or holey socks. I've been saving them up for a rag rug but it hasn't quite happened yet (and no, our socks could never be described as subtle so I don't need to worry about it looking washed out!)

bec said...

Iee, after all your bags, can't imagine your house neutral. BTW, have started the crochet hook doing 3 small ones for 3 different types ie bamboo, metal and metallic. V.excited! Now have to prioritise again for projects!

Sam said...

It's very elegant, but doesn't really match your crazy yarn, lol.

Fabulous idea though - which of course I will be adding to my (incredibly long) list of projects to soon as I've finished this christmas present.

Tess said...

That looks a LOT better than a wreath I made a few years ago. Dark green garbage bags were cut into strips and tied around a coat hanger stretched out into a circle. I'd seen it done elsewhere but mine just looked like - well - garbage!

Perhaps if I'd used a cardboard base like yours, cut each strip a lot shorter and packed them tighter together the effect would have been better.

At least a lesson was learned...

emjaylas_Mum said...

This is a fantastic idea, I would never had thought to do something like this....I have just started a line of colourful tiny crochet Christmas stockings that I am planning on hanging across the doorway....I love Christmas and all the decos that go with it....I am also in Australia so know why you chose natural colours but I can't wait to see your colourful version!

laughing purple goldfish said...

misha - thanks :)

devi - ooohhhh... some fabulous ideas there... thank you

whatsonox - good plan... a sock wreath would certainly be unique... I would LOVE to see that

bec - lol! I'm excited about the hook holders too

sam - so true... I almost felt like a FRAUD with that wreath on my door!

tess - I had always wanted to try one of those garbage bag wreaths... some of them looked very effective

emjaylas mum - yay! another aussie :) I like the sound of the mini stocking garland... thanks for stopping by!

Cats-Rockin-Crochet said...

They look great. I was think of doing something similar with those big curtain rings, using a chain to link them together after they are decorated with a xmas reef type of thing, if you can picture it?

laughing purple goldfish said...

cat - sounds interesting... I will be keeping an eye on your blog to see how it turns out

Libby said...

I followed the link here, this is brilliant, I have added it to my favourites, thank you for sharing this with us!

laughing purple goldfish said...

libby - you're welcome... happy crafting

Anonymous said...

I made a "rag wreath" except that I used a floral wreath frame and made it a color wheel as well.

laughing purple goldfish said...

jacqui - I popped over to your blog and took a look... the colour wheel concept is gorgeous :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the inspiration! Hope it doesn't freak you out that you popped into my head this morning at 3:30 am...although I guess it was afternoon your time, so it's not so odd. Anyway, the rag wreath I made as a gift card holder for my son's teacher was a huge hit. You rock. :)

laughing purple goldfish said...

aimee - I just took a peek at your rag wreath... not surprised it was a hit... it is magnificent!

Anonymous said...

I really love it. Thanks for sharing, I so want to make one!