Tuesday, July 28, 2009

bright and cheery

bright and cheery - closeup

One of my main reasons for chosing to work on the 'block-a-month' project, was because I wanted to learn to read patterns properly. I figured that if I was working on the same squares as the rest of the group, then there would be plenty of people ready to help when I needed it.

Well, it's working... and I'm now confident enough to try any pattern... well, almost any pattern!

Another interesting thing, is that I can now see FAULTS in patterns. Instead of assuming that I am the one at fault, I can see that there are times where the pattern just does not make sense.

This is one of those patterns. All was well up until about round 7, and then I got stuck. The instructions didn't fit with the previous round... so I ignored them, and just made it up based on the photograph of the finished square.

It is a free online pattern - Bright and Cheery Square, by Dayna Audirsch... click here for the link. I've used a 4.5mm hook, and recycled 8ply yarns.

  • round 1 & 2 - mid blue
  • round 3 - navy
  • round 4 - beige
  • round 5 - cream
  • round 6 - rivergum green
  • round 7 - mid blue
  • round 8 - natural fleck
  • round 9 - dark burgundy
  • round 10 - peacock blue
  • round 11 - rivergum green
bright and cheery


LittleMary said...

yeah, i had problems with this pattern too. so just made it up as i went. and it is good enough, not great but good enough.

laughing purple goldfish said...

it's a bit annoying, isn't it... when the pattern just clearly does not make any sense like that! yay for you... making it up was definitely the only way to go with this one :)