Friday, July 10, 2009

project #28a - warm 'n cozy hooks

case (3)

pattern used -

case (2)

yarn used -
  • 12 ply grey reclaimed wool
  • 8 ply tweed reclaimed wool
hook used -
  • 4.0mm bamboo hook
comments -
  • there are two size options in this pattern... I made the cozy for the thin hooks
  • the shell edging was a bit too 'frilly' for me, so I worked a simple sc edging instead
  • worked all in the one colour... then I added an extra sc edging, including buttonhole loop, in the tweed yarn
  • omitted the ties
  • the button I used was taken from one of Mum's tops... so it gives the case great sentimental value to me
  • I love the ribbed effect on the outside of the case
case (4)

case (7)

case (6)


Anonymous said...

Super cool! I could use one of these!!

Puglette said...

that's very cute. the hooks look all warm and cozy in their little beds.

nhwid said...

It's a very nice design..can I get this pattern ? ..I really want this for my next projet

laughing purple goldfish said...

ljohnson - thanks... I'm hoping that with this new case, I'll be so excited to put my hooks away after I use them... MAYBE then I wont have so much trouble FINDING THEM!!!

puglette - yes! they do look snug... like little angels in bed, fast asleep :)

nhwid - thanks... this pattern was designed by Lisa Gentry and is from her HOOKED FOR 30 DAYS ebook... click here for more information about ordering the pattern