Friday, April 23, 2010


joining columns

So I've started joining.

I'm using what I call a ZIG ZAG join.

Don't know if that is the proper name for it or not, but you simply work a zig zag of stitches back and forth between the two edges which you are joining.

It's a bit hard to tell in the photo below, but all of my columns of zig zags are completed

columns done


Jacqui Delaney said...

Looks amazing Sharon!
You're not far from finishing it. Just think how nice it'll be to snuggle under it when the weather gets cooler.

L said...

Way to go!

Rachel said...

Your join looks so pretty!! If it's not too late, would you consider doing a tutorial when you join your columns together?

I'm sorry to say it because I know you're sick of it but I'm a little sad you're almost done! I've enjoyed following its progress. :)

Jacquie Welbourn said...

So close , don't give up now!!
I know what you mean about getting fed up with a project,but take it from me it looks AMAZING .
You will love it ,hopefully very soon :0)

Kyliie said...

Good Job!

Cindy said...

Oh it is beautiful! How are you doing the zigzag stitch?