Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Starting On Some Gifts

Moving away from the freeform for a moment, and on to something very structured:

I don't usually work in thread, and almost never work a piece in only ONE colour...

But look at this:


It's time to get started on some Christmas Gifts.

You can see that I've almost finished the first of many motifs for this table runner. I've used this pattern once before, a few years back before I started blogging. In fact, I don't think I even took any photos of it... or if I did, I have no idea where they are.

It's one of those patterns where you join each square together as you go, attaching it to the previous one during the final round. Definitely saves the drama of having to join them all together at the end.

I'll just have to weave in all the ends when I'm done!

But maybe I'll be disciplined and do them as I go?


frill.friend said...

if i make myself tie up loose ends BEFORE i start a new session on a long -term project ... i find myself admiring my handiwork (or find my mistakes before they become major problems) and i enjoy the process more ... doing the "hard work first" lets me "reward" myself with the fun of doing the project and relax ... this really works well for me on a new project when i am unfamiliar or learning a new stitch ... especially after sleeping, i come back refreshed with better sight and understanding ... (scientists have shown sleep helps learning)

Sam said...

Like the motif. Can you manage just the one colour though??

I made a simple rectangle shrug using a granny square variation and joining as you go. Finished it about 2 months ago, and STILL haven't sewn all the ends in. *sigh* ;-)

wink said...

Holy yarn that is a small hook! :D The end result is going to be stunning I'm sure :)