Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Random Act Of Kindness


It must be my week for surprises in the mail...

This one came completely out of the blue - a generous surprise from an online friend, Julie... 

Two sets of adorable wooden buttons.

It really made my day. 

I keep looking at them...

Playing with them...

And pondering what to do with them...

Then I read through your comments on my blog from yesterday - 
when I was wondering what I should make with the New Yarn.

Katie commented:  OoOoOoO! I love that yarn! Maybe a cowl with some cute buttons, or some leg warmers to get ready for winter!

And now I'm thinking - YES - a cowl - with my Cute New Buttons! 

And my Swish New Yarn

What fabulous timing...

Now I have another choice to make. 

Though the combination in the top photo is my favourite for now. 





While I was reading through the comments about my plan to save the tea bag strings,
I came across this one from Judith W:

um, insane. Now on to the matchbox in that jar - can you post a better picture of that critter; is that how it came, or did someone fashion that? want it.

Well, Helen - I probably am Insane - but I'm quite okay with that!
As for the 'critter'... it's a kangaroo. The photo is printed on the match box - that's the way it came. I'm guessing it's probably from the 1980s... as I'm slowly working my way through an old stash of matches Mr Goldfish uncovered one day.

The box is NOT in pristine condition, but it's yours if you want it.
And there's one with a koala too, if that's of any interest to you.





Alyssa said...

I agree with you on the top combo. I also like the red yarn with the other buttons - they look really good together! I would call it destiny :)

Marlene said...

Are you giving away the matchboxes?
I would love to have them but then you'd have to ship them to the USA.
Let me know.

Anonymous said...

They are cute matchboxes.. Would love the koala one! Thanks for sharing your stories! Love em!

laughing purple goldfish said...

I only have the two matchboxes, and they have both been claimed already...

Had no idea that these would be of interest to people! (I've thrown out so many over the years)

These ones are the last in my current batch, but I will let you both know it I come across any more

Anonymous said...

Okies... Let me know! ;))