Friday, May 1, 2009

baba yaga hut challenge

Have you heard about the Russian folklore character called Baba Yaga???

I hadn't... so I had to do some research on this one!

Can you imagine a cross between Freddy Kruger and a Fairy Godmother? I know that they seem like polar opposites, but from what I understand about her, it seems to be a spot on decription.

Baba Yaga is a wild and untamable woman... she is a fearsome witch with iron teeth and a very long nose... a skeletal character, who travels along the ground or in the air perched in a mortar, pushing herself along with a pestle. She sweeps away her tracks as she moves.

On her softer side, she is an all-seeing, all-knowing nature spirit... who rules over the elements.

Or so the legend goes...

And where would such a woman live???

In a hut with chicken legs, of course!

Her hut has a personality all of it's own, and it screeches and screams as it spins through the forest. The windows appear to be eyes, and the keyhole is a mouth with sharp teeth. Baba Yaga enters and leaves her hut through the chimney. Around the house is a fence made from bones, and topped with skulls.


Where am I going with all this???

Well the current challenge over at the Silly String group on Ravelry, is to crochet your interpretation of Baba Yaga's Hut. Click here for more information. Please join us, if you are looking for a challenge. We are very welcoming of new members. There is no deadline... and we have all been a bit slow to get started on this one! Remember.. it's YOUR interpretation... so there is no right and wrong... it's just an opportunity to stretch out of your comfort zone, and try something totally new!

I've fiddled about, and come up with this sketch...just an idea to start the ball rolling...

baba yaga hut - sketch


Dawn said...

You worry me sometimes!!! You will try anything won't you.

heklica said...

You are so funny! Can't wait to see it, lol!

Sam said...

I loved fairy tales as a child, and I came across many, scary, Baba Yaga tales - mostly to do with eating children!

I can't say I ever came across a wise woman version - I like that idea.

Love your sketch. I haven't made anything 3D, so I'll just watch, I think :-)

Anonymous said...

This is hilarious. I wish I could crochet. Maybe I can do a print of this? fantastic, have fun! Lovely drawing - great chicken legs!