Saturday, May 9, 2009

remember those curtain rings???

Every now and then I get a message from one of my readers, asking what I ended up doing with those wooden curtain rings. You might remember that I asked you to help me out with ideas... and you guys came up with some really creative suggestions. Click here for the original post.

Well... I'm a bit embarrassed to admit that I have done NOTHING with them!

Nada... Zilch... Zero... Nothing...

But I do have a plan.

I want to make a hippy-type curtain. Not sure where it will go though. Maybe across my craft room window... or in the door way to my craft room... or else it will hang against the wall above my bed.

One thing I have been looking for is some decent sized wooden beads to use with the rings. Of course they would need to be recycled... a reasonable size... and there would need to be lots of them!

Well... look what I found...


They'll be perfect!

And where did they come from???

car seat cover

One of those beaded car seat covers!

They've has a good wash in some disinfectant... and are ready for me to start playing around with.


Sam said...

Beaded chair cover! I haven't seen one of those for ages. Well done for nabbing one, and seeing a reuse for it.

I remember when I was little, I used to love the "swish" and "clatter" beaded door curtains would make. Wonderful :-)

Susan J Barker said...

I have been looking for a seat cover like that for along time, just for all the wooden beads... Aw well, some day I will be at the right 2nd hand shop just at the right time... some day....

Anonymous said...

Oh, you have vision cause I would never have seen another use for those old beaded car seat cover.

Tess said...

I don't blame you for washing them in strong disinfectant before handling. For some reason I always image the users of those things as large sweaty men who consume a lot of garlic.

Unknown said...

hmmmm...I spotted one of those in my husbands workshop that used to be his Dad' to talk him out of it!