Friday, May 21, 2010

cutie bootees

bootee, progress

Ooooooh.... it's a long, long time since I have sat down and made a pair of bootees. And I honestly don't think that I have EVER crocheted a pair, so this project was quite a novelty!

This is the sole of the foot... can you just imagine the eency weency teeny weeny little footsie wootsie which is going to fit into these???? Too adorable...

But, as we all know... they GROW UP!!!


the pattern was a bit of a challenge for me - as it is written in UK terminology, and I generally only work in US terms. So there was a bit of translation going on in my head the whole time, but I got there in the end.

Now here's the surprising part...

So far I have followed the pattern EXACTLY.

Well, I changed down a hook size, but that was only because I couldn't find a 3.5mm hook (not that I don't have one, just that I couldn't FIND it)

And I didn't use baby yarn in pastelly colours, because... well... I didn't HAVE any... but I've stuck with a 5 ply yarn...

But those things don't really count, do they???

Other than that, I have followed the pattern as written.

Even all those colour changes - they are exactly as written in the pattern.

But they're not finished yet! There's embellishing to come - it says so, right there in THE PATTERN!!!

I'm off to find a tapestry needle, will have the results for you soon...

bootee, pre embroidery


vjesticica said...

these ARE cute!
pattern? from where? from a book (which one?) or is it somewhere on the net?

MJ said...

very cute booties! where is the pattern found?
how is the craft area holding up?
have a great weekend!
supposed to rain here...I am going to bake and crochet since gardening will be out.
girl has to do what a girl has to do!!!!!

Big Mamma Frog said...

They do look cute. AND...they look as if they might actually stay on a tiny foot (unlike the usual short bootees which are off in about 4 seconds!).

julie said...

They are great Sharon!

Kyliie said...

I totally need this pattern, I wonder if there is an adult size? Lol

jo said...

Cute crocheted booties in UK crochet - as my daughter would say "I really, really do NEED" this pattern. I'm half way through a hexagon granny square jacket for a friend's baby and would love some cute footwear to go with it. These look great.

MJ said...

OK, Sharon!!!!
Divulge....where can we get the pattern?
I have decided that I NEED it, too!!!!

Julie Andrea said...

Ohhhh, I love this, I want this in my size, they look like my wintertime mukluks. :-)

vjesticica said...

is this the pattern source?
blue-yellow ones on the right?

MJ said...

vjesticica....good job! those look very much like them.
What do you say, Sharon? Did you adapt from these?
I have a feeling that Annie's Attic is about to make some sales!!!!
I really like your special touches to the pattern.

Sharon Maher said...

woo hoo!

I hadn't been able to find an online link to the pattern anywhere... vjesticica... you are a legend!

the annies attic one is not the actual pattern which I used... but as far as I can tell it is EXACTLY the same

here it is everyone