Saturday, May 8, 2010

rainy days...

Our weather here is approaching winter.

The days are getting shorter.

And colder.

And we're even starting to see some rain, which is a precious gift.

Given that our state is still in drought.

So to entertain the kidlets the other day, we did some face painting.

katie - rabbit

A good wet weather activity.

Always followed by a long warm bath to soak it all off before dinner.

ben - pirate

Usually I do the faces for them, and then allow them to paint tatoos on one another's arms and legs.

And sometimes I let them paint my face too.

But not this time.

sam - lion


Kyliie said...

Aww! How cute, they are growing up so fast! Oh and I love your daughters shirt! :)

misha said...

They're all great, but my personal favourite is the scars! They ook so realistic!

MJ said...

Very good idea! Your children must have had a terrific time!
I love rainy days and winter,
time to make soups and stews and bread!
Hot here in VA. Time for gardening and barbecues! and of course, cotton yarn projects!
Enjoy yourself!

Deb said...

Artistic work, as usual!

Here in Canada, we are approaching summer now. But your post was so evocative of our November.

I hope you get more rain, gentle and long.