Friday, April 30, 2010

say hello to chi-kore


Now he's not the original Chi-kore, but a very close relative...

And the pattern is finally available for sale


  • this quirky creature stands approximately 27cm tall

  • the project is worked in pieces, with clear and specific assembly instructions

  • pattern is presented in table format, making it very easy to follow

  • US crochet terminology used throughout

  • 15 pages, 15 clear photographs

  • AU$4.50 for PDF version



sue said...

Oh I will have to buy that pattern because I remember how wonderful your first one looked. He looks just as fantastic too. Luckily my learn to crochet book arrived today so I can start to teach myself properly!

Jacqui Delaney said...

Well done Sharon on replicating your original Chi-kore.
He's gorgeous, I'm sure you'll get lots of buyers.

Deb said...

This is the cutest nearly-real creature I've seen in a long, long time!

I love how you photograph your handwork. You give your creations wonderfully appropriate backgrounds, and that adds so much to my enjoyment of them. Do you have training in that field or just a natural feel for it? Whichever it is, the results are great!

MJ said...

He is adorable!!
Hey! You have been very quiet the last couple of days...did he gobble you up?
Have a great Mother's Day!!!

Gabriella said...

He's so cute. ;)

Ann said...

Loved chikore when i saw him in INside Crochet(UK). Fab that I have now purchased the pattern and can make him!!

Alison said...

He's so sweet. Can you remember what wool and colours you used in the photo featured in Inside Crochet Feb/Mar (Issue 6) as I think they are excellent.

Sharon Maher said...

alison... thanks for the compliment on my yarn choice

unfortunately they were all personal yarns reclaimed from a variety of old jumpers - so he really is one of a kind!