Wednesday, April 28, 2010

my craft zone


I'm finally done.

For the moment, anyway!

Remember the mess that was my craft room?


That room was transformed back into a study again, and I have moved my goodies downstairs into the family room.

Not the ENTIRE family room.

Just a wall of it, really.

It's perfect, because I can be around the family while I work.

Rather than tucked away in a room upstairs with the door closed.


See the kitchen is at the top left, the living area at the bottom left, and the meals area at the bottom right... so I'm close to all the action!

And I have this theory, that because my craft zone is now on full display to the entire family, and any visitors to our home... that I will simply HAVE to keep it tidy

It's a theory anyway, and I'll let you know how it goes!

Here's the yarn supply...


Belts and scarves on display, so I can easily find just the right one for a project...


Books and other storage...


Lots of baskets for storage... yes I am totally obsessed with cane baskets




Somewhere comfy to sit, and a big basket full of UFOs...


And of course there's a ready supply of recycled cardboard and paper...



Mamas2Hands said...

Looks great Sharon! So happy for you, and a wee bit jealous. All my work areas are still looking like national distress zones. LOL!

misha said...

Mine wouldn't stay tidy, not even for a moment! I live the atmosphere created by the light, the baskets and the belt/scarf curtain!

Twigwoman said...

Truly inspiring!!!! Can't wait to tackle mine AGAIN!!!!
Love the idea of hanging things right from the existing curtain rods! Ever so clever as always!
Just got a new pup however - and he's a real mischief maker!!! Can't even leave the room without him crying like a baby. Another distraction from getting 'things' accomplished... I'll give him another week and then I am back on track! Keep up the great work!

Caz said...

Great idea using the magazine boxes on their sides to store yarn - keeps them tidy and looks great! And I LOVE your rainbow vest that you've got hanging there - do you have a pattern for that somewhere back in old postings?

MJ said...

Bravo! It looks great! It is organized but in every corner is evidence of your humor and style.
Great idea to use the magazine holders for yarn display/access.
Actually I see a couple of ideas that I can adopt to my area as well.
Thanks for posting the pictures. It's cool to see where you do your work.

Carole said...

Love your space.

Kelli Woodall said...

What a lovely work area. I am in hopes of having a bedroom becoming free soon so I can share a craft room with my daughter. As of now my things are piled on shelves and in my closet. My yarn is in baskets on a shelf and in bags on the floor. I love you're yarn shelf and the chair with the pillow you made looks so cozy, great job.

juniperjune said...

your craft space is an inspiration! beautifully organized, and i love that you have it in the "public" part of the house. also that long vest-thing is great; i may have to try something like that!

big mamma frog said...

Ok, now I'm thoroughly miserable. I think your family room is approximately the same size as my house.

Ok, slight exaggeration, and I suppose it could be the camera angle, and the effect of decluttered space, BUT I want a room like that. You don't get rooms like that here, cos if anyone had a space like that they'd fit a 3 storey flat housing 30 people and a postage-stamp garden in the same space AND charge you a million quid just for breathing in it.

Ok. Can you tell I'm feeling hemmed in?

Kyliie (Of course Im Back!) said...

I am jealous you have a whole room (Well wall) full of yarn! I only have my closet shelf! Ha but I love the organization you have done!Mine is a tragic mess. And I am curious what will you do with the box of cardboard?

Kyliie...Me again :) said...

Oh and I love your handwriting! My handwriting is bad (:

Deb said...

What an inviting spot - and I'm in agreement with those who mentioned the yarn storage and the hanging belts as favourite things.

It's good to be close to the family, especially with younger ones.

Deb said...

@ big momma frog

He he! You obviously still have your sense of humour, though!

Crafty Gardener said...

looks great ... I sure hope your theory works
I like to work with others around too, and not be shut away somewhere missing all the action

Marshall said...

I agree with Caz, love the vest! Is that a personal pattern, or did you get it from somewhere? I've been wanting to make me a vest like that for a while.

Mosaic Magpie said...

It's great you are out there in the middle of things. Yes, it will encourage you to keep things straight. Or you maybe like me and just straighten up when you know someone is coming. Looks great and I love the big windows.