Thursday, April 15, 2010

thinking is NOT blogging

I've thought a lot about blogging lately...

There's so many things for me to post about...

But I have really bad timing

Like, I'll be driving along the freeway... and my mind starts buzzing with a multitude of thoughts and ideas to share with you guys...

I start thinking about exactly what I'll write... which photos I'll add for interest... and by the time that I get to where I'm going, my brain is convinced that I've actually written a post!!!

Am I the only one who does this?

I often do it with emails too...

I read the email. Think about how to respond. And then my brain thinks that the job is done.

It's madness!!!

Imagine if we could blog by ESP. Just by thinking about them, the posts would appear...

Actually, that would probably be dangerous. You guy would defininitely be getting TOO MUCH INFORMATION if all my thoughts were transposed onto my blog!!!


Something I did want to share, is the result from the VIDEO CASSETTE CHALLENGE over at the laughing purple goldfish designs group on Ravelry.

Now... this IS NOT MY WORK...

This is the winning entry, created by Loren aka twisted1

Take a close look at these photos, and watch the progression from junk to fabulous royal penguin... who would have thought???

You can read Loren's comments about how she made the little guy here







Carole said...

Loren's project is so befits a Royal Penguin. Just a big shout out to LPG Sharon for the awedome prize from the tin can challenge. Can you believe this lovely lade sent me two of her fabulous crazy yarn skeins all the way from Australia to Kansas, USA. How fabulous is that? If you haven't done it yet, check out her Ravelry group. It's so much fun and lots of talent there.

Diana said...

yes, I also think about posting and don't get around to it. Way too often. That is why my blog is so neglected. In fact, a lot of times I think about how much I want to get back to it and once I'm home, family life takes over and my poor little blog is left waiting.

Sharon Maher said...

carole - thanks for your wonderful feedback, and I agree... Loren's penguin is WAY COOL!!!

Sharon Maher said...

diana - it's funny, isn't it...

if I'm 'in the zone' then it's no trouble at all to whip out a post... but if not, it takes me forever!!

Mel said...

I do the same thing! It's like when you have a dream that you've woken up and done all of your morning chores ... only to wake up and realize you haven't really done a thing but sleep.
Luckily I can blog from my cell phone. Sometimes that helps.

Guanaja Sharon said...

Hello Sharon!

I just stumbled onto your Blog and was amazed by all the projects you have made and assembled.

I have not read enough to know if you live in England, Australia or where. I live on an island in the Caribbean off the coast of Honduras and have a blog about living here.

I love crafts and crochet, embroidery, sewing, quilting, do cloth-covered rope baskets, make plaques out of driftwood, stamp and create cards and boxes and love cooking. I am always interested in new projects, however, the problem being that living on an island with no roads there is next to nothing available here to crochet with! I have read a lot about making bags out of old plastic bags, just have not had the time to do one yet! I am presently gathering old t-shirts in order to crochet a rug as I found a pattern on-line for that project. I am constantly looking for interesting things to create and have about 7 projects on-going at the time!

I am so glad to have the Internet available (we only just got cell phones on the island about 4-5 years ago) and have managed to increase my knowledge for my craft projects by leaps and bounds.

While many of the things you have created are not something I could use and/or make, I am amazed at your talent, initiative and imagination. Also, using re-cycled products certainly blends with the theme of where I must go in order to make things here.

Keep up the good work and even if we can't communicate by ESP, we have the Internet and that's the next best thing.

Thanks for the inspiration and I hope to become an avid reader on your sight.

Guanaja Sharon