Thursday, April 29, 2010

pin cushion

Sometimes it's fun to allow a project to morph into whatever it wants to be.

embellished pin cushion

This pincushion started life as a wing for a bird, cut from a felted jumper and trimmed with a blanket stitch edging.

But I decided not to go ahead with that plan... so it lay around wastefully for a while.

A lonely, single wing.

Then I was wanting a hat embellishment, so I added a scrappy flower in green felt... with a few french knots in the centre.

But I trimmed the petals too closely together, and they pulled off really easily.

Never mind.

I added a few more french knots, and now it makes a perfect pin cushion!


Kyliie said...

I would have never seen how that could be a pin cushion! Ha

Lisa said...

It almost looks like a little dissected frog :)

Marta Elgen said...

I have wanted to write something like this on my webpage which has given me a concept. Cheers.