Wednesday, May 19, 2010

recycling an old belt


Thanks for all your responses to my last post. I do love to hear feedback from you... it's always of interest to me to hear what your experiences are... and also the ideas that you have

I especially love the idea of fusing the woven plastic (thanks frill.friend)

Also... I hadn't ever thought of adding beads into the plarn as I ply it... another fabulous idea! (thanks echo)

Well, the body of the plarn bag is finished...

but what to do for a strap???

Experience has taught me that as a general rule, crochet straps s-t-r-e-t-c-h.

I wish it wasn't the case, but they do.

Or maybe I just put far too much STUFF into my bags???

Anything is possible...

Now that I think about it though... I've only ever worked crochet straps widthways. I've chained say 6 sts, and then worked short rows of sc until I reached the length that I wanted.

I usually work a row of sc down each side of the strap for extra stability, but I'm wondering if I would get a better result if I worked the entire strap sideways... like I chained 80sts, and then worked 6 rows???

Well... that's something to try another day... because today I've decided to use a belt.


Sometimes I like to make a feature of the buckle... like I did with this bag

But there's nothing that I find terribly interesting about this one. So the plan is to remove the D-rings (which I'm sure will come in useful for another project at some point) and just use the fabric for the strap.

Now... off to find something for the lining...


Rachiella said...

Wow. That bag looks AMAZING. And a great idea.

The belt will make a great strap, too, it matches so well. :D


drenka said...

Making 80ch could help a bit.I tried it and it doesn't stretch that much but it still does stretch. Usually I line the crocheted straps with a matching fabric and then I get a perfect result. It looks interesting.

Kyliie said...

Love it! I can't wait to see the finished product! :)

dinah said...

i have crocheted with plarn before and i do find that the straps stretch. i usually do the 6 to 10 stitches across and then after i've completed the strap i go back over the sides and reinforce it that way. that is a nice belt though and i can so see it somehow becoming the strap.

i found your blog through ravelry. it's a lovely place. :)

Leebeloola said...

oooh, lovely bag! I don't have any experience with plarn, but with yarn a crochet strap definitely stretches less if you do a long chain and slip stitch it to the other side of the bag.

Have you tried crocheting one stitch as normal and one in the row below the one you would normally crochet in? I made a hat with this stitch and it made it really stiff. Here's a pic: